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Tower of Shadows

Author(s): Jane Toombs

Tina’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she is not the free spirited gypsy girl she thought she was, but an heiress to a small fortune and a stately old mansion. But as she returns to her roots to claim her life and her inheritance, she finds danger around every corner. 

Jason Ward is taken by the dark haired beauty he meets on a train, but more intrigued by the men following her. She’s oblivious to the danger she is in and he welcomes the opportunity to get closer by providing his protection while keeping his own secrets safe.  

But the tarot cards say that deception is in Tina’s future. Will Jason be the one who will betray her?

I must reach and board the train, despite those who followed. The fog thinned, giving me a glimpse of the station house.

  A whistle shrieked and white steam billowed from the gigantic black locomotive. Behind the hissing engine was a string of yellow and green cars.  I'd never been close to a train before. Now I must escape on one. Alone.

  I ran across the road and up stone steps leading to the top of a small embankment, then climbed wooden steps to the platform. Faces, white and disembodied, stared down at me from the coach windows. Steam hissed from the side of the locomotive and sent wraith-like tentacles curling across the platform.

  The train was moving. Was I too late?

  A man's figure appeared in the midst of the steam, a wavering shape that seemed to dissolve and then reform in the mist as he walked toward me. With a rush of terror, the rest of my dream came back to me. Unlike my dream, steam, not fog, hid this man who stalked me.

  The outline of a tall man in gray materialized from the enveloping whiteness, a man striding rapidly toward me, his eyes fixed on mine. I swallowed, in my fear unable to retreat, unable to move at all. He grasped my arm, pulling me with him, willy-nilly, as he strode toward the moving train. Terrified, I wondered if he meant to throw me under its huge iron

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1897261624
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 04/01/2007
Publisher: Champagne Books

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