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Nights on Catalina: A Romance

Author(s): Madison Martin

Jet-setting Isabelle O’Connor will do anything to make VP with her real estate agency. And right now, anything means getting the ruggedly handsome Zach Taylor to sell his valuable Catalina Island property in gorgeous Southern California. Forced to slow down by the magic of the island and the solitary Zach, Isabelle soon realizes that falling for the mysterious pilot could mean having to finally take the greatest risk of her life.

A daredevil Coast Guard pilot running from his past, Zach wants Isabelle off the island and out of his life as fast as she came in. She’s everything he’s tried to get away from, but even he can’t deny the simmering attraction between them. But are their soul-shattering kisses and great sex just part of her plan? Will he figure out in time that the only deal Isabelle really wants to seal is the one for his heart?

She closed her eyes and thought about escaping somewhere with Zach, a million miles away from all of their troubles, and from what had brought him to Catalina.

She imagined the two of them on some Caribbean island, where they could spend their days on the beach sipping tropical drinks, and their evenings eating fantastic dinners and exploring the nightlife. Every night they could make love under the stars.

Would Zach like that? Would he go with her? She never allowed herself to indulge in fantasies, but she’d be damned if she wasn’t doing it right now. She turned and pressed her lips against his.

“Let’s go in the tent,” he murmured against her mouth.

She gripped his arm again, keeping him right where he was. She knew what he wanted…she wanted it, too, but maybe they didn’t have to go inside the tent after all. With a huge smile, she teased, “I’ve never made love on a beach before.”

He gave her a look that promised he could change that for her, then hesitated. “Wait. I don’t have anything on me. I’ll go get it.”

With a grin on her face, she followed him into the tent. The second she kissed him again she knew they wouldn’t be making it outside again. So much for her beach fantasy, but it didn’t matter. She’d take him any way she could get him.

She barely let him finish lighting the lamp before she reached for him again, wanting him out of his clothes as fast as possible.
She kissed him and held his face in her hands, feeling the faintest trace of stubble under her fingers.

He undressed her, his hands moving over her in between effortlessly taking off her clothes. When she was finally naked he reached for her, as if anxious to touch her skin.

He was the only man she wanted touching her like this, with his hands tracing over every part of her like he ached to know what every inch felt like. She trusted him enough to let him.

In the tent warmed by their shared body heat, she undressed Zach and straddled his lap. She put her head against his chest and let her fingers gently trail across his shoulders. He reached for the small packet he’d gotten ready. She wanted this to last, but she couldn’t wait to have him, either, and opened the package.

He’d barely had a chance to sheath himself before she sank down, gasping with pleasure as she took him inside her. He opened his mouth over hers and sank his tongue inside, and she slowly began to move over him. He thrust his hips beneath hers and they settled into a rhythm together.

His attentiveness astounded her. He focused on her and her alone, and she was oblivious to everything but the pleasure Zach gave her. She moaned while his hands caressed her breasts and slid down over her hips. He reached one hand between her thighs, his thumb barely grazing over her most sensitive spot, until she could take no more. She cried out as waves of pleasure overcame her.

Every molecule flooded with ecstasy, leaving her drained, every muscle in her body limp and utterly satisfied. Breathing hard, she leaned down to brush her cheek across his bare chest while her heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

“I think I could get addicted to you,” she whispered.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9780981718637
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 01/16/2012
Publisher: Chances Press

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