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A Gift for Wulf (Red Velvet Christmas)

Author(s): Marteeka Karland

Nadia has lived in the shadow of her destiny for too long. The male who staked his claim, even before her birth, has remained out of reach, deeming her too young. Too fragile. Now, Nadia makes a gift of herself just in time for the Yule Celebration in the Magical Forest. She's giving herself to Wulf the Feared.


A Gift for Wulf (Red Velvet Christmas)
Marteeka Karland
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Marteeka Karland

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

If ever there was a female who needed her ass spanked, Nadia the water nymph was it.

What the fuck was she playing at? She had him so wound up he could hardly keep his mind on anything but her. Who was she with? What the fuck was she doing? Just thinking about the fun-loving party girl she'd become put Wulf's teeth on edge.

Even now he could smell her. She was in the pool in the middle of the forest she always retreated to when she wanted privacy. Generally, Wulf left her alone when she was there, but her scent drew him to her this night. There was arousal. Anticipation. Was she waiting on a lover? The thought enraged him.

Of all the places Wulf needed to be, this wasn't one. He'd long ago resolved to leave Nadia alone despite the arranged marriage. He was the guardian of the forest, whether or not the five-hundred-year covenant was fulfilled. Enemies would always be looking for a weakness in him to exploit and Wulf wasn't taking that kind of chance with Nadia. Regardless of what he'd said to her when she was a child, it was never about her being weak. It was about his own weakness. If he let his enemies know how much she meant to him, she'd be targeted and the security of the forest compromised.

To his shame, Wulf found he was more worried about the former than the latter.

* * *

Nadia broke the surface of her favorite heated pool, her long, blue-green hair trailing behind her like silken seaweed. She knew he watched. She felt his eyes on her as surely as if he were standing in front of her, devouring her with his gaze.

With infinite care, Nadia glided through the water to the sunning rock. She wanted her body shown to its best advantage to further entice him from the shadows. Wrapped in red velvet, the bow settling between her breasts, Nadia knew she looked exactly like the gift she intended herself to be. Flipping her hair back, she let it cascade from the rock to pool in the water as she lay down. The action also thrust her breasts upward as if in tribute to the sun god. In truth, they were all for him.

Wulf. Gods, she hoped this worked. Nervous anticipation seeped into her, magnifying her arousal. Yet there was that little bit of uncertainty. What if he were only disgusted with her yet again? Would the woman fare better than the girl had?

Nadia lay with one leg bent, the other hanging from the rock to let her big toe dangle in the water, sending ripples over the surface. Steam slowly drifted up into the cool night air, surrounding her in a veil of mist. Still, she knew Wulf would have a view of her glistening sex. Would he scent the moisture gathered there? Would he know it was all for him?

As if she'd conjured him with her wicked thoughts, a large shadow fell across her, blocking the moon. She knew before looking up who stood before her. Wulf. The most feared creature in the Magical Forest. Should she fear him as well?

"Do you enjoy lying all sprawled out for every man in the blasted forest to lust after you, water nymph?" His voice was edged with controlled fury. Fists clenched and unclenched at his sides as if he couldn't decide whether or not to strangle her with his bare hands.

Nadia smiled and stretched, her breasts, wrapped in red velvet, a conscious offering to his hungry male gaze. All he had to do was untie the bow... "Not every man, Wulf the Feared. Only you."

He narrowed his eyes, his jaw clenching as his gaze raked over her. "You've wrapped yourself so that it invites a man to unwrap you," he murmured.

"Perhaps that's what I intended," she answered, though she knew he hadn't expected her to. "Wouldn't you like to unwrap me?"

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