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Dragons and Dreams (Box Set)

Author(s): Kate Douglas

There's something magical about an island... for Teri, Brad and Steve in Island Dreamin', it's a simple matter of figuring out who's in charge, and who's in love. Short and sexy works when your career's on the line, and fantasies actually come true.

For Prince Lorcan and Amanda, as well as Lester and Tady, an island vacation in a mystical realm means more than mere love -- it means Finding Magic, accepting the impossible and loving enough to risk everything.

What happens when love has settled into real life, but something huge is missing? Tady and Lester risk everything in Chasing Dragons, chasing an impossible dream to make a perfect love even better.

Three stories -- one of young love, another of two couples finding unexpected romance, and a third tale of magic and dragons, of dreams and the joy of truly understanding the meaning of love. Island Dreamin', Finding Magic and Chasing Dragons -- three tales of love, laughter and a whole lot of happily ever after!

Praise for Island Dreamin'

"Island Dreamin' is a wonderful story that will have you laughing while you read. Teri has the time of her life with Brad and Steve. Kate Douglas knows how to write a story long or short that will keep you reading till the very end."

-- Terri R., Fallen Angel Reviews


Praise for Finding Magic

"Considerable thought has been put into the writing of Finding Magic, with the result being a very successfully written romance of two couples, each as important as the other in the plot, on a magical island we would all like to believe exists. Thoroughly enjoyable, highly unusual and a breath of fresh air, this is one that fantasy lovers should devour and others should most definitely try out."

-- Elizabeth, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Finding Magic is a fast, sexy read that has a wildly romantic thread woven into its steamy 'lust at first sight' premise.... It's a wonderful fantasy that will keep you hot and bothered but leave you with a satisfied smile!"

-- Patrice Storie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Miss Douglas has worked her magic with the reader as well.... I loved the interaction between Lorcan and Tady, and between Amanda and Lester."

-- Leslie Jane, The Romance Studio

"Kate Douglas does a wonderful job of joining these two stories into one book. Readers will get to see all sides of this romance come about. They will feel for Lester and Tady as well as root for them in their quest to get Amanda and Lorcan together. This book brings out the magic in all relationships and is sure to bring pleasure to those that read it."

-- Stacy Link, PNR Reviews

"In a fun, breezy tone that makes for a quick read, Kate Douglas skillfully combines gay and straight romance and contemporary glitz with paranormal fantasy."

4.5 Stars! -- Erin Schmidt, Rainbow Review

"Kate Douglas skillfully writes a fast moving fantasy -- one so passionate I had a hard time keeping up at times. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these four characters and getting swept away in their magical island fantasy, and I'll bet you will, too!"

-- Amaranth, Whipped Cream Reviews

Praise for Chasing Dragons

"Kate Douglas shows a heart-wrenching and gorgeously emotion-filled aptitude for telling fairy tales... There is so much love here, and lust abounds as well. Reading this book was like watching a sultry, slow dance; there was an almost poetic feel to this writing. The relationships that this book centered around were well-drawn and lusty, but there was more than just a sexfest here. There was devotion, selflessness and a showing of the power of love, plus an appearance by a totally unexpected character from one of my favorite movies ever. I was completely blown away by this story, and I'm very pleased to award Agency of Extraordinary Mates: Chasing Dragons with 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!"

-- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 Stars! This book has everything, a fascinating plot, adventure, magic, danger, love, sex and even sadness. Sadness in a romantic erotic story? Absolutely! Everything fit perfectly in the plot. I finished reading Chasing Dragons, sat quietly to digest it all, and started reading all over again."

-- Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"5 Kisses! The adventures Tady and Lester experience and their deep and abiding mutual love made me smile, laugh, and then cry throughout the story."

-- Frost, Two Lips Reviews


Dragons and Dreams
Kate Douglas
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Kate Douglas

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Teri threw her purse at the wall and burst into tears. Damn Brad and his ego and double-damn his stupid assistant. Her proposal was good! It was the best thing she'd ever done, and she should have had the account, but no-o-o-o. It wasn't good enough to present. But gee, here's one, Mr. Turner. Leave it to Steve to have something ready to go.

She stomped into the kitchen and ripped open the refrigerator door. That slimy bastard Steven had done everything he could to screw her out of the bid. He and Brad made a good pair.

Two drop-dead gorgeous guys with the integrity of a pair of carnival shills -- and the new Hainesford account. She was out of wine, damn it, and the leftover Chinese didn't look remotely edible.

Climbing up on a chair, she shoved aside an ancient box of cereal. There it was! Ted, an old boyfriend, had stashed a bottle of Wild Turkey up there. She wrapped her fingers around the neck. Too bad it wasn't Brad's neck, or even Steve's. She'd squeeze until their eyeballs popped.

Climbing down, Teri poured a shot of the booze into a glass and took a sip. After she quit choking, she grabbed a can of soda, poured it over ice and added a good-sized shot. Drink in one hand, Wild Turkey in the other, she headed for the bathroom. A hot bath and a good drunk might just help her decide what to do next.

Should she stay on the job at the most prestigious advertising agency in the city, or call her own bluff and walk away? She was tired of fighting, tired of Brad and totally fed up with Steve.

The apartment might be small, but she had a bathroom fit for a queen -- larger than her bedroom. The tub had heated jets and held enough water to swim in. She sipped at her drink, realized she was down to ice, and poured more booze into the glass. The room spun in a nice lazy pattern. She laid her head back against the cushioned pillow and let the jets work their wonders on her body.

She especially liked the one shooting right between her legs. It made it easier to think of Brad and Steve without wanting to scream. Why did they always win? It wasn't fair.

Not fair at all. She sipped at the drink. The soda was mostly gone, but it didn't taste half bad. Of course, she'd have one hell of a headache come morning, but at least the anger and frustration had eased. It was just so blasted discouraging, always having to fight both guys on every project. This had been the biggest prize yet. She couldn't believe she hadn't even been allowed to make her presentation.

If only they weren't both so gorgeous. Brad was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Steve was almost as tall, but blond and well-built. Too bad they were both jerks. What would it be like, to get them away from their office fortress? Just her and the two of them, off on some deserted island? Some place where she had complete control... and all the time in the world to exercise it.

* * *

Teri awoke, disoriented and naked with a mouth full of cotton and a steady pounding in her ears. She blinked, licked her lips and gazed at her surroundings, but nothing made sense.

The noise sorted itself out as the ocean's waves rolled up on the beach and then slid back down the sand. The sky was so blue it hurt her eyes. She sat up and realized she was under a perfect palm tree that swayed gently in the soft breeze.

"This is so not San Francisco." She struggled to her feet. She'd been sitting on a pale blue caftan, just big enough to wrap around herself. Amazing how much better she felt, wearing something more than her skin. She had to be dreaming. That was the last thing she'd been thinking of, wasn't it? A quiet vacation on a desert island?

Or something like that.

"Help! Help us!"

Frowning, Teri headed toward the sound. She pushed aside the thick ferns growing along the beach. A small hut made of grass and palms stood in the middle of a sunlit clearing.


Teri raced across the open ground to the hut. She slipped through the open door.

And just about fell over. No doubt at all. She was dreaming.

Brad was chained to a large brass bed. Steve had been tied to a nearby chair. Both men were naked, completely restrained and absolutely gorgeous. She should have rushed to free them both, but she stood a moment and gazed at Brad's long, lean, perfect body stretched out on the bed.

His hands were shackled to the headboard, his feet tied with stout cords at each corner of the footboard, and the parts she'd fantasized about -- when she wasn't thinking of killing him -- stood upright in pure, male defiance at his situation. Teri swallowed, reached for the restraints holding Brad's feet, then pulled her hands back at the last moment. "What are you doing here? Where are we?"

"How the hell do I know? Untie me!"

Well, obviously nothing had changed, even if it was her dream. "And what if I don't?"

"What'dya mean?" Steve growled. He rocked the chair back and forth on the legs, as if for emphasis.

"You heard me. What if I decide to leave you both tied up? Serves you right, after the crap you pulled on me today."

She glanced at Steve again and had to catch her breath. Maybe getting pissed off made him horny, but she'd never seen a cock like his before. Long and full and ready to burst, it bobbled against his belly, glistening with the first drops of pre-cum at the tip. Too bad he was such a jerk. Unfortunately, her pussy didn't seem to mind. She felt her inner muscles clench and release. Irritated with herself, she consciously squeezed them to a stop. "Actually, you're both exactly where I want you. For now, anyway."

Teri strolled over to Steve and stood right in front of him. His eyes were level with her breasts beneath the soft silk. When she pulled the caftan down to her waist, his pupils contracted and expanded. When she let it slip to the floor, he let out a gasp of air. She reached up and pinched her own nipple. Steve's eyes practically crossed. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, Teri realized she knew what he was thinking!

His mind spun with all kinds of wonderfully kinky things. He wanted her nipple in his mouth, wanted to suck on her, until she screamed. He wanted her hands on him. Wanted to taste her between her legs, lick the damp crevice between her buttocks... and take her there, his cock inside her ass, pumping slowly in and out.

Teri felt a heated flush spread across her breasts. She turned away before she gave in to the desire clawing at her body and crawled into Steve's lap. Teri looked at Brad. He'd been cursing constantly since she'd turned her back on him. Now he glared at her and she felt more naked than ever. She stared right back at him. Just like Steve, Brad's thoughts popped into her head...

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