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Horsfall (Box Set)

Author(s): Jade Buchanan

What started out as a regular job assignment quickly escalated into something more for Oliver Philip when he met twin Shire horse shapeshifters, Bayard and Marshall Stoddard. Hired to perform a safety audit on Horsfall Ranch, he never expected his life to be turned upside down, but he's game for anything. Happily throwing himself into a relationship with both Bayard and Marshall, Oliver quickly discovers a world of intense pleasure, laughter and comfort. Unfortunately, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and Oliver must find the strength inside himself to fight for the two men he can't live without.

The Horsfall collection contains the previously released novellas Tail of Two Brothers, Taste Test, and As the Crow Flies.

Praise for Tail of Two Brothers

"A Tail of Two Brothers is a quick, hot tale... if you're looking for a quick read with hot sex and unusual shifters, pick this one up."

-- Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed

"Jade Buchanan has written three well developed characters that connect with the reader on an emotional level. A strong, fascinating plot line gives the novella texture and depth."

-- Hayley, The Romance Studio

"Horsfall: Tail of Two Brothers is a brilliant romance with hilarious dialog and a marvelous storyline... The intimate love scenes are tantalizing, and the story is so full of caring emotions that it liquefies your heart... I enjoyed this wonderful saga immensely, and look forward to the next episode."

5 Nymphs! -- Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs

Praise for Taste Test

"The amazing Jade Buchanan delivers another heartwarming and very enjoyable episode of these sexy men, with a dash of humor and the inspiration to go horseback riding."

4.5 Nymphs! -- Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs

"If you like horses, men, and hot gay sex, this is a book you won't want to miss."

-- Magnola, Whipped Cream Reviews

"Taste Test is a quick, hot read that manages to pack a surprising amount of emotion."

-- Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed

Praise for As the Crow Flies


LR Cafe's Best Book Cover - 2009 Nominee
LR Cafe's Best Shape Shifter Book - 2009 Nominee

"Jade Buchanan delivers another wonderful episode to this series. I thoroughly enjoyed As the Crow Flies."

4.5 Nymphs! -- Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs


Horsfall (Collection)
Jade Buchanan
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Jade Buchanan Excerpt from Tail of Two Brothers

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Oliver Philip inhaled deeply, turning his head from side to side to capture as much of the scenery as he could. He couldn't imagine living out here. It was so crisp, so clean. And it was only about twenty minutes outside the city limits too. Hell, it took him longer than that to drive from one end of the city to the other.

He slowed his car, counting the kilometers as they clicked by. "Ten point five, ten point six, ten point seven, and there's the turn off. Exactly where he said it'd be."

Turning into the narrow paved lane, he left the gravel road behind. His client had given him exact directions to the ranch, directions Oliver had needed. It was a little too easy to get lost on the township roads out here. It didn't help that the damn signs were so small. He was used to driving out in the country, but still, this wasn't like trying to find some gas plant. It was kinda hard to miss those.

Horsfall Ranch might be close to the city, but it wasn't exactly easy to get to. Thick brush lined the lane he was practically crawling down, set at the base of tall trees that were obscuring his view to either side. At least the lane was in excellent condition, although he couldn't see anything in front of him but more trees.

He drove around a curve in the road, and suddenly the whole thing opened up. He had to stop the car just to take it all in.

Horsfall sat smack dab in front of him, down a slight incline. The rolling foothills were a picturesque backdrop, with the Rocky Mountains as a steady line marching across the back end in the distance. He could make out the white tops on the mountains; there were only a few wisps of cloud breaking up the blue sky. Great day to be out of the office.

"Damn, I love my job."

Pressing his foot down on the gas pedal, Oliver pulled up to the black wrought iron gate barring his path. Pressing the intercom beside his window, he waited, nervously tapping his fingers on the wheel.

"Hello?" a male voice responded.

"Hi. This is Oliver Philip. I'm here to meet with Bayard Stoddard."

"Sure thing. He's down at the main complex. I'll let him know you're here. Just keep on the road, and you can't miss him."


The gate opened up slowly, and he made his way through. A small farmhouse sat to the left of the gate, with a big black dog lying on the front porch. He sleepily raised his head, watching Oliver drive past. Oliver chuckled, seriously tempted to stop the car and get out. He absolutely loved animals.

A second house sat back further from the road, a little bigger than the first. He wondered how many people actually lived here. Truth be told, he didn't know much about ranching life. He'd done a bit of research on the company before coming down here, like he always did before accepting a new job, but a website didn't give you much information about the day-to-day workings of a place. Besides, the Horsfall website talked more about their horses than anything else, and most of that information had gone right over his head.

Speaking of which, who knew there would be so many buildings? A large rectangular building stood in front of him, with several smaller ones set around. An empty paddock sat to the right, and he could make out an open barn with machinery just behind the main building. Several gas tanks stood beside the open barn. At least he knew what those were. He felt a little out of his element coming here.

A man stepped out of the large building in front of him. Spying the trucks parked to the right, Oliver pulled his little blue car between two dusty pickups. He opened the door, grabbing his briefcase from the passenger seat. The man had come around to meet him and was now standing at Oliver's back bumper.

Jesus, he'd like to have this man do more than just stand at his back bumper. He was tall, towering over Oliver by at least half a foot. Tanned and devastatingly handsome. Oliver just about swallowed his tongue looking at him. This was what Oliver fantasized about late at night when he was all alone. Fuck, the man was fulfilling almost every one of his dreams physically.

He had a black cowboy hat slanted low on his forehead, and his muscular frame was encased in dusty blue jeans and a worn blue plaid shirt. For a minute Oliver was certain the big man was going to pop the seams on that shirt. It strained across a colossal chest that just begged to be explored.

The cowboy held out one tanned hand. "Mr. Philip, I'm Bayard Stoddard. We spoke on the phone. Thanks for coming out here."

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 01/15/2014
Publisher: Changeling Press

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