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Illegal (Box Set)

Author(s): Mary Winter

Three tales of unlikely lovers and enduring passion.

Illegal Holdings: Agent Marik Sinstark knows testing the contraband black market pleasure cuffs on Elaura Janis constitutes an illegal activity, and Marik can't afford to get caught. But then again, neither can Elaura.

Willed and Waiting: Myrtlewood's hunky handyman has been willed to Portia, and he's waiting for her to set him free.

Horse Play: When Flynn, an Earth Elf shapeshifter, bucks Clarice off, he's willing to do whatever it takes to win her forgiveness, including invade her dreams and show her that the perfect place for horse play is in the bedroom.

Praise for Illegal Holdings

"Mary Winter has written a fast paced, wonderfully erotic story that keeps you reading. I was hooked from the first page and couldn't put it down until I finished it at three in the morning."

-- Nicole Harvey, PNR Reviews

"Illegal Holdings is an erotic story of choosing between doing what you know you should and what you want to do.... Mary Winter has created an engaging story set within a futuristic world and containing some very unique toys. Nice job."

4 Angels! -- Shayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Marik and Elaura were wonderful together in all of their activities and I was astounded when Ms. Winter dropped in an unexpected twist. The ending of this story was fun and exciting. ...I hope that this novella is just the first in this exciting world."

-- Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Praise for Willed and Waiting

"Winter has created a cozy setting for two people who are at a crossroads in their lives. They were able to get to know each other without any outside interference. Willed and Waiting is a good, quick story to read on a free afternoon."

-- Melissa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Mary Winter has written a great story with well written, interesting characters.... I would recommend this to anyone that loves a sexy story of love, curses and the need for a little blood."

4.5 Hearts! -- Sandra, The Romance Studio

Praise for Horse Play

"With a bit of whimsy and a large dash of sensuality, Mary Winter brings us a tale that reminds us of the need for balance in our lives."

Four Angels! -- Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

"A sweet love story about a selfless woman who is destined to make a big difference in the future if she can learn how to enjoy her life."

4½ Stars! -- Candy, Ecataromance Sensual


Mary Winter
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Mary Winter

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"If that box contains what I think it does, you're going away for a long time." With one hand planted between the prisoner's shoulder blades, Concordance Inspections Agent Marik Sinstark pinned him to the wall. A kick of his booted foot spread the prisoner's legs. Marik bent down long enough to apply the ankle chains. Grabbing the man's cuffed wrists, he handed over the prisoner.

"Men like you always need to compensate for something," the greasy haired prisoner snarled.

"Take him away," Marik ordered. He followed as the officers, who looked all too relieved to be leaving the cargo bay full of boxes of sexual aids, marched the man off to booking for a nice long stay in a Concordance jail cell.

Bringing in Zach Janis would make quite the mark on his record. Maybe once he brought down the men two or three levels above Zach, he'd earn a big promotion. He grinned and picked up the nearest box of toys. The one that supposedly contained the big haul: Black Market Pleasure Cuffs.

Marik snorted, thinking of all the seedy station pleasure slave owners waiting for the contents of Zach's ship. The Concordance spanned entire star systems, combining all into one people. One thing was for sure, regardless of race, the people of the Concordance loved their sex. Pleasure slaves, naked fighters on Turas-9, brothels on some of the less developed worlds, no matter how you packaged it, sex sold.

The box in his arms was just a little more proof of that universal fact.

Smiling to himself, he thought about the one person on whom he'd like to use the pleasure cuffs. Of course, doing so would be highly illegal and jeopardize his career, but if he could do it without getting caught... Marik whistled a tune.

"Happy about your bust, are you?" Riggins, one of the arresting officers, asked.

"It'll look good on our records," he admitted.

Riggins gave a low whistle. "That it will. Hey, we did a little digging into those names Zach gave us. Turns out one of them has some pretty high political connections. We're going to want to treat this one with kid gloves."

"Oh?" This was getting even better in Marik's point of view. If he could prove someone high up in the Concordance government sanctioned the import of illicit items...

"Yeah, the Kreshna Colony's Ambassador's attache is involved." Riggins frowned. "Zach's her brother."

"Shit." Marik fisted his hand. "I'll tell her. I'm heading up this operation. She needs to hear it from me." The fact that the woman in question had been on his mind mere moments ago didn't affect his decision at all. Okay, a little, but a chance to see Elaura Janis again under any circumstances had his cock hard. The blonde, curvy goddess might act all prim and proper, but he knew if he got her in these pleasure cuffs she'd show a completely different side to her personality.

"Better you than me. I hear she's a hellcat." Riggins grinned.

"My favorite kind." Both men shared a conspiratorial chuckle, before Riggins turned down the hall toward his office. Marik glanced at the box of contraband in his arms. He had the paperwork, all the docs showing it was the product of an official action. He probably should take it with him so he could show her the extent of her brother's involvement.

He stopped in his office long enough to finger comb his hair and remove a few of the more interesting things from the box. She didn't need to see the spiked anal intruders or other instruments of pain. Some people had strange sexual tastes. He doubted Elaura was one of them.

Blood rushed south at an alarming rate. "Down, boy," he growled, knowing he couldn't see her with a raging hard-on. Ever since he'd first met the attache to the Ambassador, he'd wanted her. If he wasn't reading her signals incorrectly, she wanted him.

Yet something held her back. At the rare official functions where they brushed elbows she acted cold, but polite, as if he were beneath her notice. He wondered once he had her handcuffed to the bed, her cunt dripping and her clit swollen from his tongue, if she'd be so standoffish, or if she'd scream his name as she came. Yeah, he'd like that. Elaura screaming his name as she came.

Reaching down, he adjusted his pants then, picking up the box, turned and headed for the Ambassador's wing. People moved out of his way, not wanting to interfere in the business of a Concordance Inspections Agent. With the wariness accorded his position, the halls cleared. Sooner than he expected, he found himself taking the lift to the Kreshna Ambassadorial level.

The doors opened with a soft whoosh. The sweet scent of jasmine enticed him from the elevator. Muted flute music with an undercurrent of primal drums filled the hallway. He stopped. The difference between a smoky, stinky lower hall of a warehouse and this ambassador palace wing made him blink. Suddenly, in his uniform, his boots scuffed from running after Zach, and a box of sex toys in his hands, he felt positively tawdry. Marik grinned. Maybe Elaura liked such things, no matter what her cool, aloof exterior suggested.

"Oof!" A soft, feminine exclamation interrupted his thoughts as he rounded the corner. He stumbled, automatically reaching for the body that had collided with his to keep her upright. The box tumbled from his arms. It spun end over end to land with a clatter on the floor.

The flaps opened, spilling the contents into the hallway. His fingers slipped on her silk sleeves and she tumbled at his feet. Marik stumbled into the wall, righting himself, automatically reaching for the woman's hand. A stylus and handheld computer lay on the ground next to her.

"Oh, my planner." Picking it up, she slipped the stylus into the holder before looking at him. "I didn't see you. I'm sorry."

Her whisky-colored eyes captivated him. Impossibly long lashes framed her eyes, too large in her pale face. A slightly upturned nose and full, ruby red lips he longed to taste brought his cock to full attention.

Elaura. He'd recognize her husky voice anywhere. Reaching for the box, he inadvertently spilled more of the contents.

Her eyes went wide. "Is that -- are those what I think they are?" She scurried backward. "Agent Sinstark, what are you doing here with those things?" She glanced down the hall as she stood, looking relieved when she saw it was empty.

"Is there somewhere we can talk?" His fingers lingered a little longer than necessary on a pair of vibrating nipple clamps. The image of Elaura trussed up, wearing nothing but the clamps, filled his mind. He stifled a groan as his cock hardened with a painful intensity. Flipping the lid closed, he picked up the box. "I was coming to see you."

"With those things?" She kept her voice down, the shocked maiden act not playing well for someone who worked for one of the most sexually permissive groups in the Concordance. He'd heard rumors she'd grown up on the backside of Turas-9. He had no doubts she'd seen just about everything there was to see.

"Yes. I'm on duty, so this isn't about you." The hell it wasn't. He kept his thoughts to himself. "I need to talk to you about your brother."

Elaura gasped. She paled, her hand reaching for the wall. Marik crossed the space between them. Balancing the box, he cupped her arm with his right hand. "I'm sorry. I wouldn't be here unless it was important."

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 12/31/2013
Publisher: Changeling Press

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