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Molten Mayhem(Molten3)

Author(s): Kira Stone

Double, double, toil and trouble...

That sums up Dolan's immediate circumstances. Trapped in an escape pod with his mate’s future dependent on him, anger and the need to find Zian drive Dolan to escape, but time is against him.

Zian's own toil and trouble simply doubles. Then triples. Betrayal seems present at every turn. How can he solve problems he simply doesn't understand?

Everyone is in for their own kind of surprise. Will Dolan's rescue bring the couple together or will it separate Dolan and Zian for good and signal doom for the Molten race?


Molten Mayhem
Kira Stone
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Kira Stone

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Fricken blart of a Mezine forhag!" I stomped around my dirty prison floor with vigor. "Rotting sea goat begat by a three headed Gastian plurgh."

All right, so my curses were getting silly. But I had run out of all the good ones since I woke up. I'm not really sure when that occurred since I had no way to measure time in this ghastly ball of junk, but my incarceration had been long enough that I'd run out of all the good curses in all the languages I could recall. And given all of the places I'd been, that was quite a list.

"Listen to me," said the holographic voice of Legs for the twenty-ninth time.

Smart being, that Legs. He hid the holo projector and turned off imaging. I might have damaged something important trying to find and mangle the blarting thing. Something vital to whatever was keeping me alive in this space traveling fish bowl.

Usually I swore at his initial directive, loudly, unable to stand the sound of that being's voice. He'd tricked me. He'd won, blart it.

Since this time I had nothing more to say to vent my anger, I stretched out on the dirt floor, my hands under my head, as Legs' voice rambled on. "By now, unless I've overestimated your intelligence, you've realized that I've taken your place in the Universes, by Xzavia'n's side."

That bit of truth had hit me somewhere within my fifth language of curses. However, though many had tried, no one could successfully duplicate me. My family made sure of that. The Molten in my system was merely a bonus in that respect. In Legs' case, the fact that I had non-Molten bits in me was also a plus. The havoc he could cause before someone caught on though... that was a gamble, and I didn't like the odds.

Please, Zian, don't be fooled... don't put yourself in danger... don't do what I would do...

Wishful thinking like that would only make me more frustrated and upset.

Legs continued to babble on. I should probably pay a bit of attention.

"-- plans. No one will be hurt, but they must be made to see."

"What happens to an entire civilization shouldn't be your choice alone," I told the pre-recorded voice.

"I know you think I'm wrong. Time will prove differently."

"You have no idea what the blart I'm thinking," I threw back. Simple truth, since I wasn't sure what to think right now. Legs could be anywhere doing just about anything. Don't you dare touch my mate, you blarting sklimed lizard!

"Now, to more immediate needs. There's food and water for five Universal days. If you can't figure out how to summon help by then, you don't deserve to be found."

"Don't you dare judge me!" I hurled a random piece of junk in a random direction. It caused a bit of a clash but no real damage, and somehow made me feel better.

"Perhaps we will meet again one day, Dolan Exeter, but I warn you not to interfere with my plans. It is important that certain things need to happen in a certain order. No one knows that better than I. You and your friends must not interfere."

I'll show Legs how to follow certain orders... lock and key, and the same kind of torture that my love went through at Parkeet Station.

I sighed. Being angry wasn't conducive to productive thinking. While I'd prefer to stay mad for a bit, I didn't know how much of my five days I'd spent being knocked out, cursing, avoiding the not so welcome voice of Legs and junk diving. Time to chill.

I shifted around until I found a spot relatively free of debris. At least nothing dug into my back. It wasn't the most comfortable of places to jerk off, but then, like the rest of my current situation, comfort came secondary to need.

I pushed my pants down far enough for my cock and balls to be exposed to the stale but breathable air. I have to say I'm rather proud of my genitalia. For my species, I'm well endowed. And Zian seemed impressed.

Zian. My lover. My future mate. It seemed easier to think of him in those terms as time went by. I just hoped whatever happened between now and when I reached Zian hadn't changed his feelings for me.

Blart. I wasn't laying here with my cock out to worry. Relaxation, quick and easy. That's what I needed to clear my mind. Yeah. It felt good, too.

I pictured the first time I saw Zian. A sterile white lab wasn't sexy, but Zian more than made up for it. His soft-as-silk blue skin that faded from light to dark from head to toe, and his long red braids that were as strong as they were pliable... oh yeah.

My right hand fisted around my growing cock, while my left pushed up under my only barely recognizable shirt to twist and pinch my nipples. I crossed my legs, opening up the space between my thighs as much as I could without getting dirt in my ass crack.

I stroked myself in long, slow movements as my mind replayed our first sexual experience together. I suspected my love hadn't had much sexual or even foreplay experience at that point in his existence -- none as it turned out. However, he was willing to learn. A virgin in so many ways.

My hand moved faster over my shaft as I thought about Zian's well-formed ass and how his body flowed around me to fit just right. A squeeze here, a ripple there. He found all my pleasure points and used them to send me flying into the heavens. For a virgin, he was quite a fast learner...

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