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My Heroes (Star City Crusaders 1)

Author(s): Ashlynn Monroe

When Doctor Death comes looking for a little fun at the Moonlight Studios Gentleman's Club, Korine Kerry finds herself at the mercy of the dangerous super villain. The Hunter, and his companion Untamed, show up just in time to keep Kory from becoming the Doctor's next experiment. The villain wants Kory. When the heroes tell her they plan to draw out Doctor Death by having sex with Kory she doesn't know if she has the courage to let the hunky heroes have their way with her. She'll never look at a silk mask the same way again. Will they be able to keep her safe, or will she be the Doctor's next victim?


My Heroes (Star City Crusaders)
Ashlynn Monroe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Ashlynn Monroe

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Ana rushed over, her eyes a little too wide and a haunted quality in her expression. She kept glancing over to the end of the bar. "What's up with goggle boy? When I went to take his order, he refused. Said he only wanted to talk to you. Then he asked me if I liked pain. I think he was threatening me. I swear I've seen him somewhere before," Ana said in a quiet rush of worry.

"Grab the radio and buzz Will. He's not ordering so he needs to leave. He said weird stuff to me too," Kory replied without looking at the other bartender. She and Ana would never be friends, but they had each other's backs when it came to assholes in the bar. Creepy wasn't the first customer to be more interested in them than what was happening on the stage.

Ana went to the far end of the bar and grabbed the short-range radio out of the charger. Korine finished the margaritas and handed them to the ladies. They owed another dollar, but she let it slide.

Kory grabbed three more beers for customers before she had the chance to look to see if creepy was still there. He was. Ana rushed past her to grab the bottle of Jagermeister from the pretty, albeit practical, display against the wall.

Finally Ana paused so she could put a new spout in a tequila bottle she'd just opened. The noise of the chatting patrons and music had swelled so loudly Kory had to shout. "Why's Creepy still here?" she demanded.

Ana rolled her eyes. "Scared," she yelled.


"Scared. Will's scared," Ana hollered.

"Fuck," Korine muttered.

"What?" Ana said loudly.

"You get an order from him yet?"

"No. Scared," Ana, shouted over the noise.

Everyone was a coward. Kory took three shots of tequila to young men who were most likely there courtesy of fake ids. Age verification was the bouncer's job. Once people were inside she was under orders not to card. One of the pretty college boys tossed a five into the tip jar and she grinned at him. "Thanks," she shouted. He nodded and held up his shot.

Ana was grabbing all the customers at the other end of the bar furiously. Kory scowled. Even the other patrons seemed to be giving Creepy his space. She didn't blame them. Someone had to have the balls to confront the man.

"You have to order or it's time you leave." She didn't bother with her best barside manner. He needed to go.

His grin held a touch of genuine humor. "I'm not thirsty." He said the words as if they were a punch line to a joke and he couldn't wait to see her response.

"Then your visit is over. Time to go." Kory kept her voice firm. She forced herself to look into his eyes, even though she couldn't see them.

He chuckled. "I enjoy people watching. I learn so much."

"Buy a drink or go watch people somewhere else."

His grin faltered. "What I want to watch is right here. Do you know who I am?" The way he said it made her feel as if he wasn't talking about the dancers.

"I know you're not ordering a drink and that's all I need to know. Last chance. What would you like to order?"

Even in the dim interior of the seedy club, she could see the change in his expression. There was energy around him that seemed to coil even tighter. His presence reminded her of a snake waiting to strike. She suppressed a shiver.

"Anarchy," he finally replied. His expression never changed.

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