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Naked Eyes

Author(s): Cat Marsters

Knowing what happens next is part of Laura's job. Flying is part of Jack's. But both of them are surprised when their talents turn into superpowers.

Jack's in denial, but after Laura's second sight saves his life, he's willing to listen to her. But Laura has other things on her mind: namely, the vision she's just had of hot, incredible sex with a certain pilot.

The reality is even better than her vision, but there's one little thing standing in the way of their happily-ever-after: the unseen forces who'd like to take them apart to find out just how this superpower thing works…

"This highly creative story was a pleasure to read.. Laura and Jack are really hot together and steam up the pages."
4 Stars! -- Elise Lyn, eCataRomance Sensual Reviews

""…expertly written… more explicit then your typical comic book story."
4 Angels! -- Heidi, Fallen Angel Reviews


Naked Eyes
Cat Marsters
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2006, 2014 Cat Marsters
Second Edition

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"That bloke over there. He wants to see inside your knickers, don't he?"


"You din't even look."

"I don't have to."

"What, you can tell from here?"

"Kenneth, I'm not playing this game."

"Come on. He's lookin' at you like that. He wants to know what color your wossnames are."

"Well, he can keep on wondering."

"But can't you tell? If he wants to know?"

Laura looked up from her coffee and fixed the ghost with the sort of look she usually reserved for passengers who'd had too many pre-flight gin and tonics. "Shut up," she said.

"Or what? What you gonna do to me, eh? Report me? Shoot me? I'm already dead, love," Kenneth said with the sort of tone that led her to believe he rather enjoyed this state of affairs.

"I'll ignore you, is what I'll do," Laura said, and the ghost looked horrified for a moment before he regained his composure.

"You don't scare me, love," he said.

"Well, I'm still learning."

"Got no respect for me, you haven't," Kenneth moaned.

She tuned out.

Perhaps taking a leave of absence had been a bad idea, especially in Edinburgh. Old cities were full of spirits, and somehow they all knew she was there, knew she could see them. Which might not be so bad, except there always seemed to be a Kenneth wherever she went. The sort of ghost who really, really wanted to make conversation. Only he never had anything interesting to say.

"What are you doing in Edinburgh, anyway?" she asked. "You sound like a Londoner."

Kenneth assumed a mournful expression. "Bloody seminar, wasn't it?" he said. "Couldn't hold it anywhere nearby, oh no. Sales center's in Milton Keynes, and where do they hold the seminar? Bloody Scotland. Arse-end of the universe, that's where." He heaved a sigh. "Reckon the journey's what did it for me. Did I tell you I had a heart attack?"

"Three times so far," Laura said, thinking uncharitably that it was probably the fact that he was a hundred pounds overweight that had given him a heart attack, not the journey from southern England. Besides, she was never particularly well disposed toward people who called her country the arse-end of the universe.

She stared out of the window while Kenneth rambled on about the deal he was just about to clinch when he had a heart attack after four pints and a meat pie. It was a grey day in Edinburgh, the air heavy with an unrelenting drizzle that murdered hairstyles and ruined any outfit not made of synthetic fibers. She glanced at her bedraggled wool coat and sighed. Maybe she should have found somewhere to stay in London. Or dead-headed out to Rome or Barcelona, somewhere a bit warmer. Scotland was the home of her heart, but the weather wasn't half depressing.

Idly, she gazed at her coffee while Kenneth continued detailing the minutiae of his life as a salesman. The dark liquid -- black, no sugar, quick and easy to make, how she'd learned to like it when she first started working shifts -- reflected back the tall building outside.

Wait -- the café faced onto a row of two-story buildings. What was the drink reflecting?

Her stomach fluttering, Laura, blinked and looked back at her coffee. All it reflected was her own face. But the building…

Yes, she'd walked past it on her way here. An office building of some kind, tall and quite spectacularly ugly, which was why it had stuck in her mind. Other than that, it was completely ordinary. So why was it showing up in her coffee cup?

Laura looked up, and from the corner of her eye she swore she could see someone falling.

Goddamn it. Bloody visions!

Shoving back her chair, she jammed her arms into her coat and grabbed her bag.

"Blimey love, where's the fire?"

"Gotta go," she said, dropping some money on the table. "Nice meeting you, Kenneth," she lied, and darted from the café into the street.

The office building was a couple of hundred yards away and Laura nearly bowled over several people before she got there, skidded to a halt and stared up at it.

No one was falling. There was no body on the street. Had she got it wrong?

Then something swooped by at the edge of her vision, and she snapped her head around to look down the small service alley that ran alongside the building.

Everything seemed to happen at once. Laura began to run, opening her mouth to shout for help, and a man far above let out a cry of dismay as he tumbled over the edge of a metal fire escape and plummeted toward the hard concrete of the alley below.

And something flashed by Laura, only not at street level but higher, something flying fast, zooming up to meet the falling man.

She stopped, time seeming to slow down as she watched. It was a man, flying through the air. Actually flying. Going upwards, not down. Like a superhero, only he was wearing jeans and a leather jacket, not skin-tight Lycra.

Shame, she thought distantly, I could stand to see a little more of that body.

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