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Or Current Resident (Soul Debt)

Author(s): Zenobia Renquist

Cheyenne didn't know what she was in for when she took over her friend's lease. She thought she was getting a perfect apartment with reasonable rent. And then a demon shows up on her first night, demanding the sex that's owed him. That's when she regrets not reading before she signs, though she doesn't regret it long.

The landlord made a deal with August -- an entire apartment complex as his sexual playground in exchange for personal gain. Cheyenne is August's latest acquisition, and his prowess has her eagerly awaiting his return. She happily meets his every challenge because the second she refuses, he'll drop her into Hell to satisfy his many brothers instead.

With the end of the lease approaching, Cheyenne discovers emotions developing for a demon who could probably never return her feelings. The terms of the agreement are simple, but she's planning to negotiate for an extension with an option for love.

Praise for Or Current Resident

"Cheyenne and August made a lovely couple and the chemistry between them was nice... and the yummy consequences."

-- Rachel, You Gotta Read Reviews

"This is a spicy and tantalizing short read that took a vivid and sexual imagination. This is one satisfying book you wouldn’t want to miss."

-- 5 Stars from Ginger, Long and Short Reviews


Or Current Resident (Soul Debt)
Zenobia Renquist
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Zenobia Renquist

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Cheyenne had signed on for a duplex.

She didn't normally like sharing a wall with people, but the wall was insulated and soundproofed. McNeal had demonstrated -- with the neighbor's help -- how well the insulation worked. The neighbor had blasted their music, and Cheyenne had barely been able to hear a murmur with her ear pressed to the wall. Perfect, especially after two years of listening to her ex-neighbors' kids running and screaming as though they were in her living room instead of the next apartment over.

A relieved sigh left her lips when she pulled into her covered driveway. Her covered driveway. She wanted to jump up and down screaming for joy, but settled on staring at her new home in awe. A perfectly manicured lawn -- that would remain perfect thanks to the lawn service provided by the leasing office at no extra charge -- ended at the small front porch in front of her door.

"Mine. Mine. Mine." She chanted the word as she left her car, entered her home, and closed the door. "Mine."

She looked around the room, this time as the owner rather than the visitor. The spacious living room had a couch, a loveseat and a coffee table. She didn't need the coffee table and would ask the office to move it out. Until they came to get it, she could shove it to the side when she wanted to do yoga. No more going to the gym because her apartment was too cramped to accommodate her favorite form of exercise and the amount of space her height required.

At five-foot-six, she wasn't that tall, but she could have been four feet and her former apartment would have still been cramped. But she didn't want to dwell on the past. She needed to get her car unloaded and unpack her belongings so she could start living in her new place.

She didn't have much, just her clothes, computer and kitchen items. The last apartment had been infested with bugs so Cheyenne hadn't wanted to keep anything. She'd gotten it all second-hand so didn't feel bad dumping it. The thirty-two-inch tube television had gone to her noisy neighbor since Cheyenne planned to splurge on a new and bigger one complete with surround sound system as a housewarming gift.

Speaking of housewarming... she had a special little one-on-one session planned after she finished her work. No more muffling her voice or praying her neighbors didn't hear the vibrations of her various toys. Tonight would be all about her, and she had every intention of being as loud as she possibly could.

Her pussy tingled and grew moist, but Cheyenne ignored the reaction. Later. Work first. Personal fun later. Personal fun that would last most of the night because she had taken Friday off. She'd told her boss it was so she could move, but she'd wanted the day off to bask in the glory of her new home.

Three hours of hard work and a hot shower later, Cheyenne stood naked in her bedroom and stared at the row of toys she'd lined up on the edge of her bed. She didn't know if she wanted to start with the vibrating egg or go straight to the beaded rabbit dildo. She had all night to indulge so decided the egg should start the show.

She placed a towel over her comforter and then lay down with her knees up and her thighs open. Starting the vibe on its max setting, she spread her pussy lips with one hand and applied with the egg with the other. A pleasured yelp left her lips, and she had to pull the egg away because it had been too much too fast.

After dialing down the intensity to a medium rumble, she started over again, sighing a pleasured moan as the egg's motions resonated up her clit. She enjoyed the pleasant massaging of her intimate flesh without stomping feet, slamming doors, screaming children and irate voices interrupting the mood. Only her rapid breathing and the hum of the vibe filled the room.

"You're not Jessica."

Cheyenne screamed and scrambled back against the headboard with her legs pulled close to her body as she grasped at the blanket to cover herself. She stared at the man who stood in the doorway. He hadn't been there a second ago, and he was hard to miss. Lightly tanned, military haircut, and thick-muscled physique -- the type of muscles that came from working hard every day over visiting a gym. He almost filled her doorway and resembled a mob enforcer showing up to break some bones for missing a payment. All he needed was the dark suit, black shades, and gloves to complete the look. Instead he wore faded jeans, a half-unbuttoned shirt, and a smug-ass grin that said he knew why the Mona Lisa was smiling and he'd had something to do with it.

"Don't stop on my account. It was getting good."

"Who the fuck are you? Why the hell are you in my apartment? Get out!"

He raised one brown eyebrow. "Your apartment?"

"Yes. My fucking apartment."

"Since when?"

"This afternoon. I took over Jessica's lease. Who the hell are you? If she gave you a key, you need to give it back and get out." And once he left, she would call the office and have them come change the locks. Jessica hadn't mentioned giving anyone a spare key or else Cheyenne would have had the locks changed right after signing.

The man's black-eyed gaze slid over her in an appreciative manner. "Took over her lease, huh? Friend of hers, I take it?"

"Yeah, what of it?" She finally managed to pull the comforter up to her chin but the man still acted as if he could see every inch of her.

"From your surprise, I'm also guessing she didn't explain anything to you."

"Explain what to me? Who the fuck are you?" She glanced away from him long enough to see if she had brought her cell phone into the bedroom so she could call the cops. Just her luck, she had left it in her purse on the kitchen counter, which made sense because she wasn't going to work in the morning and didn't need the alarm function.

"I'm August. I'm a demon, and I'm in your apartment because you signed a contract stating I could be."

"The hell I did and the fuck you are."

He whipped his hand and a stack of papers appeared on his palm. Cheyenne blinked several times, trying to figure out the trick. It had to be sleight of hand of some kind, but he couldn't have had the papers up his sleeve. The stack lay flat, no curling or wrinkled pages. And his shirt had short sleeves.

He flipped the pages and then held up them up and pointed at Cheyenne's initials next to one of the paragraphs. "Right here. Your initials next to a statement about allowing August -- me -- into your apartment at an agreed upon schedule to be discussed by us when we first meet -- that would be now -- for the purpose of mutually pleasurable coitus -- otherwise known as sex."

"I didn't sign anything like that."

"You sure?"

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