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Quintet (Razor's Edge)

Author(s): Melyssa Jay

Book Summary Nicole has a lifelong fantasy -- a sexual quintet. Her boyfriend, Kenny, agrees to help her fulfill her fantasies, but there's a catch. Kenny has a fantasy of his own -- one that involves handcuffs and just a little bit of pain.


Praise for Quintet

"...a peek at lovers exploring a fantasy together and how they were willing to give and take to keep each other happy, not to mention hot, hard and filled in this enjoyable erotic quickie."

-- 4 Hearts from Beverly, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Melyssa Jay
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Melyssa Jay

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"You're ready for this, aren't you?" Callused hands pushed the hem of the lingerie Nicole wore up over her hips. "This is what you asked for... more cock than you know what to do with." Kenny's mouth pressed against hers and his tongue teased her lips, searching for a taste. His touch coaxed until sexual fire flared.

In return, she savored him with darts and swipes of her tongue. The kiss lingered, and she ached between her legs at its promise. Fiery tongues of arousal stirred in her middle. Heartbeat racing, she deepened the kiss. Tenderness and excitement for her man, for the game, heightened.

He sucked at her lips. His teeth nipped and taunted before he pulled away. Two fingers stroked along the crease between her legs. "Yeah, you want this. To be used."

"Ahh..." A small moan escaped, and her heart quickened its pace under her achy breasts. "Yes, yes," she panted. "But I didn't think you'd ever actually agree." Never in a million years had she guessed her man would go for such a game of sexual play. She shivered. Being used by a group of cocks had been her fantasy since college. And when she'd asked Kenny about going along with such a kinky scene...

"You're wet." With an expert touch, he lit the fires of arousal in her pussy and in her mind. She thrilled at the prospect of being taken and stuffed full...

"Mmm... I am." Heat pulsed in her core. They'd never played in such a way before... He'd never tied her up. He'd never hinted that he wanted to experiment with bondage. Sex had always been damn good between them. Damn good. Slow and steady or fast and rough, he always left her sated and satisfied. Although they fucked a lot, they'd never gone much beyond a slap on the ass and a feather tickle now and then... Risqué behavior hadn't been part of their formula. "And handcuffs?"

"You want a gangbang." Kenny grabbed her left wrist, extending her arm above her head. "I want you shackled." The metal clicked together, locking her in place. "Life is all about compromise." Facing no resistance from her, he cuffed her right hand into place. "Besides, the position is befitting my slutty girl."

Blood rushed to her pussy, swelling her clit. She moaned. Dirty talk in the bedroom always whetted her sexual appetite. He grabbed the lace covering her breasts and ripped the material away from her body.

Nic squirmed and jerked her hands, testing the power of the restraints.

"That's it, try to escape." The timbre of his voice turned husky. "It's making me hot."

She wiggled, enjoying the racing of her own heart. Exposed and vulnerable, she twisted her body this way and that. No outlet to escape. She was good and stuck where she lay in the middle of the queen-sized bed.

Catching a bunch of her hair in a fist, he forced her head up from the mattress. "What do you see?"

She refused to look at the erotic sight he wanted her to see, so she gazed only at him. No way would she rush the scene he'd set for her, for them...

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 03/20/2013
Publisher: Changeling Press

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