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Ravaged (The Ageless)

Author(s): Brannan Black

Book Summary

Once a year Drifa, a white werewolf, goes into heat. She also plays bass and sings in an up and coming rock band. This year her heat comes inconveniently early. They're on tour, and she can't just run off leave her bandmates. Especially when a record company is sending out a talent scout. Time to find a lover, and fast. But a single mortal won't hold up for the four or five days of nearly non-stop sex. What's a girl wolf to do?

Aiden Jones has worked for "Mick" McNeil at Night Creature Music for years. Aiden's more than just a talent scout -- he's Mick's partner, in bed and out. But one lover's never enough to feed a vampire. Part of Aiden's job is to find willing bedmates and blood donors for his newly turned boss. Rule one, no mixing business with dinner. Don't feed on band members. Ever. But one look at Drifa, one word from her siren lips and Aiden can't seem to think straight.

Drifa can't resist the sexy Aiden and when she finds he has a willing partner for a three-way, she thinks her problems have been solved. But they're only just beginning. Can she protect Mick from the vampires out for his blood -- and still satisfy her hunger for both Aiden and Mick?


Praise for Ravaged

"This author is quickly showing me why they should be on my auto buy list permanently. I loved seeing the bond grow between these three. The love that Aiden and Mick have is beautiful and watching the two work through their feelings for Drifa was a wonderful thing to see."

-- 4 Stars from Gabrielle, You Gotta Read Reviews
Brannan Black
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Brannan Black

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

This had to be the place. The crowd looked like a cross between bikers and emo goths with a side of hookers. Black leather, tight pants or short skirts and enough eyeliner for the whole city finished off with black boots or spiked heels. I felt sure the ones in skirts and heels must be female but some of the rest would take a closer inspection under better lighting. I made my way around the crowd and flipped open my ID -- Night Creatures Music -- to the bouncer.

"Hey, Dusty, this guy has a reserved table," he leaned in the door to holler at a -- Waitress? Waiter? Hard to tell -- then waved me in.

The band hadn't even taken the stage yet, and the place already groaned with too many bodies. Leather overpowered the smell of bodies and booze but I knew that wouldn't last. Word had gotten around that Ravaged put on one hell of a show, so they could pack a club even on a Thursday night. The waitress led me to a reserved table in the center of the room, near the stage.

"Hate to be a problem, but have you got something to the side?"

"Umm." She scanned the room. "Hang on a moment, let me see if that couple would switch."

A few moments later the thrilled couple had my reserved table down front, and I got to sit with my back to the wall. Not that I'm paranoid or anything. I just hate having eyes staring at my back. OK, so I do worry about someone sneaking up on me. But I'm not paranoid, just prudent. Besides, I could see the reaction of the crowd better, right?

My tequila shot arrived just as the band came out. A guy on guitar, a chick on bass and the much talked about gorgeous woman drummer all filed onto the stage with a wave at the roaring crowd. The drummer started a driving beat I felt deep inside. Her loose black hair flew in rhythm. The bass player added a deep, dark sounding riff. A low rumble came from the guy that quickly climbed in volume to a howling scream. Both women's voices joined in, reaching an earsplitting howl. The lead guitar screamed out an intricate riff then a heartbeat's pause as they shifted into their first song. In seconds, I forgot the other two existed. The bass player's voice wove a silken melody over the driving metal beat. It crawled inside my skin, sending pleasant pulses rippling through me. The rumors hadn't done her voice justice. This wasn't a woman singing -- no, more like an angel, a fallen angel. Rich, deep, and sexy as hell.

I shifted in my seat as a familiar pressure started in my black jeans. From the fidgeting going on in the guys around me, I wasn't the only one. I turned back to the stage and the bass player. Heavy, dark make-up accented her eyes. Those eyes! Smoky outer rings with a center more silver than blue or gray. They met mine, stealing my breath away.

I felt as if my very soul lay open to her gaze. A slight widening of her eyes and crinkle of her brow were the only signs she actually saw me. She moved on to spear someone else's soul. She used her long, sleek hair to punctuate her song. I'd never seen hair so pale blonde. Even silver didn't describe it. Molten, it picked up colors from the lights and reflected it back in shimmering flashes. Striking. Not model pretty, but striking.

Repeatedly, her gaze returned to me. Each time my cock pulsed with desire, my heart missed a beat, and I felt splayed open for her pleasure. After the first song, I knew my partner would love them. A perfect fit for Night Creatures Music even with most of the first set being covers. The two original songs I'd heard had "Hit Single" written all over them.

They ended the set with an original song, slow and sultry. My pants felt way too tight when her eyes met mine. A slight twitch of her lips and my cock jumped. Shit, Mick's rule number one -- don't sleep with anyone associated with a band, ever.

Once finished with the set, she took a glass of something clear from the waitress. Her eyes found mine again; she slowly sucked the glass down, watching me the whole time. I never knew watching a woman drink could be such a turn on.

Her tongue swiped the last drop from her full bottom lip. I almost creamed my pants. Those lips twitched into a smile.

Fuck, what would it feel like to have those petal-pink lips wrapped around my cock? Might have to rethink that rule about sex with the band.

The waitress pointed at me. The bass player raised her eyebrows, and an almost disappointed look crossed her face. I could only wonder what caused that look. Maybe sexy bass players had a rule about not dating record company guys. I stood as the band approached.

The tall, lean guitarist held out his long-fingered hand. "Hi. I'm Tory, this is Tamara and Drifa. You're here from Night Creatures?"

I shook Tory's hand. "That's right. Aiden." Tamara and Tory looked much alike, with blue-black hair, golden brown eyes, and light tans. From their features, I suspected some Asian blood. Tamara, tall, lean and model pretty, gripped my hand firmly. The muscles on her arms rippled more like a body builder than a model. Guess that came from pounding on drums all day.

Finally, I turned my attention to Drifa. The touch of her hand sent a shock up my arm and down my veins to settle in my already hard cock. The flutter of her eyelashes told me she felt it too. Damn, I didn't need this kind of trouble! Sweet, hot, and sweaty trouble. I bit back a groan. Might not need it but I sure as hell wanted it. "Have a seat." I gestured to the table. "I liked what I've seen so far, and I'm not the only one liking it. If you're interested, we could get together and talk business somewhere quiet tomorrow."

"Sounds good." Tory leaned forward. "You should know that others have approached us to produce our music. We turned them down. We're not looking to go pop."

I couldn't resist a wicked smile. "Good. We don't do pop."

"And I'm not the band. We're a group, not a singer." Drifa tilted her head slightly with a challenge clear in her pale eyes.

"That's good to know. We prefer bands that work well together." I couldn't resist staring into those freaky, silver-blue eyes. My cock throbbed insistently. "Here's my card. Give me a call."

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