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Sunspots Part 2 (Angel Falls)

Author(s): Stephanie Burke

Bryan Adams has finally landed a date with Mr. Perfect, Winston Macapthy. But forces beyond their control have turned the perfect romantic rendezvous into a desperate flight for survival. Aided by their friends in Angel Falls, as well as by the falls themselves, Bryan and Winston will do whatever they must to reach their happily ever after.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Food. We need food." Bryan groaned. "I'm a big boy, and last night's dinner was a long time ago."

He was still fully dressed, conscious of his pudge and his less-than-perfectly muscled arms. Yet he was in the arms of his lover -- damn, that title sounded sweet on his lips -- and he was drifting in the afterglow of some awesome dream sex and the reality of the most perfect hand job ever.

"I hear you, baby boy," Winston agreed. "My stomach is talking to me. We can go out and hunt something down if you know how to start a fire."

"Don't you know?" Bryan asked. "You're a shifter and the one related to a sun god --"

"And I grew up in an apartment complex, lover. No real chance of building a fire or playing out in the wild."

"Oh." Bryan pouted. "I thought -- you know, in books, the shifters always know how to live off nature. Instincts and all that."

"And doesn't reality just bite?" Winston laughed at Bryan's pout. "I can stalk, hunt, track and kill instinctively, my man. But if I bring home the rabbit, you had better be able to fry it up in a pan."

Bryan snorted but ran his hands over his lover's warm chest. He had the right to do that -- tubby little nerdy Bryan Adams had a right to touch the grinning hunk of shape shifting man wrapped around him.

"So," he said, "since my fire-making skills are limited to catching fire to my tablecloth with a soldering iron, I guess it's berries and roots for you."

Winston's low laugh was music to his ears. He closed his eyes to better appreciate the deep bass tones.

The falls were actively protecting them from the Hunters out in the woods -- however that worked. He was safe, and they had just had dream sex. He was spoiled. He couldn't wait to get to the real thing. Not that he was a virgin by any means. The freaky stuff that he got up to at most conventions would make the wildest person out there blush. But with Winston it was special because this was a man he could keep, a man who wanted him, the total geeky package.

"I'll take my pants off this time..." Bryan wheedled in his best heroine-in-distress voice. "Just don't force me into a life of vegetarianism..."

Winston's laughter rolled through the warm cavern and Bryan's chuckle augmented the happy sound, filling the air with an almost visible aura of delight.

Bryan would have been concerned about the noise, but the roar of the falls seemed to drown out any sound the two of them made. As promised, the falls kept them safe so long as they dwelt behind her falling waters.

"I'll go out and see what I can scrounge up," Winston finally agreed, rising to his feet after peppering Bryan's face with small kisses. "There should be some ripe fruit, and maybe I can snag a fish or two. How do you feel about sushi?"

"I love California Rolls." Bryan snorted, also rising to his feet and wrapping his arms around Winston's waist, just because he had the boyfriend's rights and he could do that shit whenever he wanted. "And have been known to chow down on barbecue a time or two."

"Get used to nigiri, baby." Winston chuckled. "Without the rice."

"The romance is dead." Bryan laughed, placing one final kiss against Winston's mouth, rising slightly on his toes to do so.

"I'll romance you when we get out of this mess," Winston promised. Then with a wink, he bent over and began to unlace his shoes. Bryan watched as his lover kicked his shoes aside and then worked the buttons on those nicely fitting jeans.

"What --" he gasped when he realized that Winston was about to go the Full Monty.

"Can't shift with clothes on, remember?" he teased. "I don't mind, but its murder on the shoes." He looked down at his once-pristine brown-and-tan shoes and shook his head. They were a dirty, water-stained mess. "I really liked these shoes, too." He looked up at Bryan. "When I shift back, I want something to put on my feet. I don't relish walking around on stone floors with exposed toes."

"Uh huh." Bryan nodded, mouth going dry as he stared at his lover. The clothing was coming off, and damn if he didn't look as good as he had in their shared dreams.

And then the pants dropped and Bryan's suddenly dry mouth was replaced with a massive wave of drool as he stared below those tight abs to the neat thatch of trimmed, tightly curled pubic hair, with Winston's flaccid cock resting against one thick, meaty thigh.

Those thighs -- he could only think about thrusting power implied in that musculature -- were supported by some seriously cut-diamond-shaped calves and delicate-looking, long, narrow feet.

Winston's skin was the same rich, creamy brown all over and seemed to glow in the refracted light from the sun shining through the wall of water.

"-- and I'll be back soon."

"Huh?" He looked up that deliciously muscled body to stare at Winston in confusion.

"I said I shouldn't be long." He laughed. "Hey." He snapped his fingers in front of Bryan's face, and the hazy feeling taking over his mind cleared a bit. "Eyes up here."

Two fingers were thrust into Bryan's line of sight and instinctively he followed them as they trailed up over his lover's body. He came out of his fugue as he blinked at a pair of amused golden eyes.

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