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Uptown Vampire (Big City)

Author(s): Cynthia Sax

Book Summary

Vanna has prepared her entire life to become a vampire. It is her destiny. Red-headed, constantly laughing, Russ is not her destiny. Although he claims to be a vampire, he's clearly human, and she shouldn't be attracted to him. She certainly shouldn't love him.

Russ is a vampire. He's also a romantic fool. He wants Vanna to love him for who he is and not merely for his paranormal powers. He is content to slowly seduce her with sizzling backroom sex and woo her with his questionable knowledge of all things undead.

Russ is about to discover he isn't the only vampire in the big city.


Praise for Uptown Vampire

"Uptown Vampire is a wonderfully crafted paranormal romance. I liked the idea of a vampire who didn’t conform to society’s views of how vampires should act or how they should look... will definitely hook readers and have them looking forward to more from Cynthia Sax."

-- 4 Stars from Amanda, Night Owl Reviews

"Uptown Vampire is a short, funny, sweet, erotic romance. And, best of all, there is enduring love and a happily ever after. All this in a super quick read that is well written and very entertaining."

-- 4 Stars from Donna B., You Gotta Read Reviews
Uptown Vampire
Cynthia Sax
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Sax

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Croix would be arriving soon. Vanna peered out the storefront window. Finally, she'd meet another vampire. She smoothed down her black blazer. She wouldn't make the same mistakes she'd made with her boss's now-deceased henchman. She wouldn't act desperate.

Russ stood beside her, the comforting warmth from his big body engulfing her smaller frame. Desire flickered to life, her nipples tightening. Vanna ignored her arousal, and she ignored him.

She had to focus on her goal. She'd make a good impression on the rocker tonight, he'd agree to turn her, and she'd fulfill her destiny. There'd be no more doubting herself, her... No. She couldn't think of that. She --

"Vampires can smell when you're nervous, love." Russ's deep voice rolled over her.

She turned her head and looked up, up, up, meeting his gaze. Russ gave her one of his stomach-flipping smiles, and her lips twitched in response.

Vampires didn't smile. Vanna sucked back her joy, flattening her lips. "I'm not nervous," she lied, her voice cold and flat as a vampire's voice should be. "And what do you know about vampires?"

Russ opened his mouth.

"Nothing," she answered for him. "Only what you've seen in movies. There's so much more than that, Russ." Vanna took a deep breath, struggling to contain her enthusiasm. "I've spent my life studying them, and I still don't know everything." She hoped she knew enough.

"Oh, sweetheart. I am a vampire." Russ laughed, the sound boisterous and loud and oh-so-sexy. "I told you that --"

"And I told you that it takes more than a pair of cosmetically altered teeth to be a vampire." She huffed, hurt that he continued to lie to her. They had a relationship of sorts. He didn't need to pretend he was something he wasn't. "You don't even dress like a vampire." Vanna waved her hand at his sky blue shirt and black dress pants. "And no vampire has red hair." Or freckles. She gazed at his broad, handsome face. He was the exact opposite of what she should find appealing.

"You don't even glower properly," she grumbled. She folded her arms and glared out the window. How could she be attracted to someone so clearly human? Becoming a vampire was her destiny.

"I might be a little rusty at glowering." His voice lilted with humor. The man, the human, was laughing at her. "But I do know you. You're nervous, sweetheart." He stroked his calloused fingers down her face, sending sweet sensations shooting across her skin, easing her anger. "You need to burn off some of that excess emotion."

She had lost control and snapped at him, something a vampire would never do. If she did that in front of Croix, he'd think she wasn't worthy of eternal life. She couldn't mess up like that again. Croix was a jaded, cynical, rock star vampire. Vanna tapped her fingers against her skirt-covered thighs. He likely received and rejected proposals like hers daily.

"You're right," Vanna agreed. "I need to burn off my excess emotion. How do you suggest I do that?" She tilted her face upward.

"I can think of a few ways." Russ cupped her face, his palms large and warm and enticing, and he dipped his head. She stared at him, fascinated by the specks in his hazel eyes. They were brown and green and gold accented by a rich crimson concentrated around the rim. Why hadn't she noticed the unusual color of his eyes before?

His flesh brushed hers, and she sighed, parted her lips and leaned into his strength. As he deepened the kiss, she rested her hands on his chest, the cotton soft under her fingertips.

A vampire would wear black silk. He was so wrong for her. She should --

Russ pushed into her mouth, sliding his tongue along hers in a stimulating caress, and she moaned, opening wider to him, her doubts demolished by his touch. He tasted of that spearmint gum he always chewed, his flavor fresh and tingly, and she sucked on his tongue, devouring him.

He pulled her closer, their bodies bumping together, the hard, thick ridge in his dress pants pressing against her stomach. She swiveled her hips into him, rubbing him, enticing him. She'd had him twice, and it hadn't been enough. She needed him again.

"Vanna." Russ groaned, sliding his hands down her back. "We shouldn't do this here, love."

"Oh." Her face heated. They were kissing in the store, in front of the stoic security guards, and her smirking coworkers. Vanna stepped back from Russ, horrified that she'd once again lost all her carefully cultivated control. What if Croix had seen her? "I... I... I..." She reached for words, but she couldn't find any, her mind blank.

"Come with me." Russ pulled her toward the back rooms, his pace flatteringly rushed. He wanted her.

She wanted him. Vanna followed. God.

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