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Vampires in Heat

Author(s): Kira Stone

Humans in Seattle are dying as a result of domestic cat vampires and demonesses working together. The latest victim is Erron's neighbor and best friend. Nolan, the leader of Seattle's Pacifistic Vampire Clan, and Erron, an albino who is commonly mistaken for a vampire, team up with the cat vamp leader to find the rogues who are killing needlessly and trying to discredit vampire-kind. And just maybe, between them, they'll find more than a remedy for this vampire scourge -- like love!


Vampires In Heat
Kira Stone
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Kira Stone

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

While waiting for the phone to ring, I browsed the Internet. No specific topic in mind, just cruising around news pages and laughing at some of the stupid stuff people do on video. Why you'd want to post yourself being stupid I will never understand, but it's entertainment for the rest of us, right?

So when I hit upon an article called "Vampires Are Taking Over Seattle", I expected it to be another joke. Uhmm. Well, the guy in the interview wasn't very amusing. In fact, the self-proclaimed expert was quite serious about his theory on the recent wave of human deaths and those in zombie-like states sweeping through Seattle.

You just knew the conspiracy theorists were gonna eat this one up.

"Given the rise in human deaths, it's apparent that vampires want to kill us, not live in harmony in accordance with the peace agreement. You have only to see the savage marks on their victims' feet -- their feet I say, showing just how low they will sink -- to know they aren't the kind, humane species they claimed to be," the guy said.

Riiight. After twelve years of peaceful interaction, vampires were going to start a species war. Over what? His paranoid babble gave no motivation. The man had a screw loose.

I would have moved on to something more amusing, but at that moment the business line rang and I muted everything.

"I am Therron, Lord of my vampire clan. State the nature of your business with me, human."

That was my standard greeting for anyone calling the 1-900-IMA-VAMP line. Yeah, a sex hotline for people with a vampire fetish. Or a biting fetish. Or both. A guy had to do to what he could to get by in life, and I knew this job was far more pleasant than most.

"So... Uhm... Are you a real vampire?"

A female, although not that young from the sound of her voice. Ugh. I'm gay. How many times did I have to tell my boss that I don't do squat with twat? "It's not my job to convince you of who and what I am."

There was a pause. "OK, so will you come to my house and bite me? I really want to be bitten and live forever."

Hell, no. Look into cryogenics. "Those destined to be mine find me."

There was another pause, then she said, "Well, I guess I can come there. Where do you live?"

"I grow tired of your ignorant questions, human. They show how little you know about my kind and the peace accord between vampires and humans in Seattle."

"Are you calling me stupid?" she asked, her voice going shrill.

"Uninformed," I replied coolly.

"Men! You're all a bunch of apes. I thought vampires would be different but --"

Click. Everyone has the right to vent, and I had the right not to listen. I had plenty of my own concerns to mull over. Like how to take out the trash without giving Chubs, the desk clerk, a chance to torment me.

The special number rang again, interrupting my thoughts, and I spat out my custom line, prepared to give the bitch a more direct response if it was her calling back.

"Lord Therron, is that really you?"

I knew this voice and relaxed. "Yes, Nolan."

"You remember me."

I was pretty good with names and voices. Greeting people personally helped keep clients coming back for more. And Nolan had been coming back a few nights a week during the last three months. "Of course. I never forget one who shows me such deep respect and devotion."

"I would be your thrall, your slave. I would do anything for you. Anything."

He was kinda overly dedicated, but there was just something about him that grabbed my gut, in a good way. "We have spoken of this before, Nolan. I will decide when you are ready to serve me personally."

"I know. I was just hoping..." A long sigh came over the connection.

"Your desire is noted." Yeah, yeah, I loved being arrogant when I could. I also liked the idea that people wanted me to be a vampire rather than being afraid I was one.

"Will you..." He took a sip from a glass that must have been sitting within hand's reach. "Will you allow me to worship you with my body?"

"Only if you follow my directions," I commanded.

"Of course, Lord Therron. Anything you wish, Lord Therron." The words came out so fast they seemed like one long string.

I settled back in my chair. Most of the time, sex talk came automatically to me. I had little or no reaction, despite what I told the client. My job was role-play to please a stranger, not tied to emotion.

Nolan was different. With Nolan, I often became aroused. If it was a good night, I'd even get off with him. Sure, I loved his reverent tone, submissiveness and seeming desire for me. However, I also felt my own feelings developing for him. Not good, but what was I going to say? Don't make me like you?

"Undress, human," I ordered.

There was some rustle of clothing. Maybe it was the mystery of who he was, knowing he was following my directions without even seeing me or meeting me that I found so arousing. Other clients said they did, but with Nolan I knew.

When he settled down again, he said, "I have done as you asked."

"I expected no less from you. Now, how do you wish to worship me tonight?"

"You know. You always know what I need."

I tried not to think how often his desires were attuned to mine. I asked for what I wanted most, what I knew he'd have ready. "Then begin with the music."

The music started playing. It was hauntingly beautiful, so beautiful it made my heart ache. The kind of music that could only be the expression of a heart in love and yet alone, but with hope that love would return one day. There were no words, and it seemed to go on forever seemingly without repetition.

I never asked what the piece was. My gut said to leave it be. However, this was yet another temptation with Nolan.

Such an odd duck compared to my typical clients, but Nolan seemed totally devoted to me. That in itself was a high. I was usually the odd man out. However, his need for me made me wary that someday he'd learn where I lived and try to visit. There were some lonely nights, though, when I thought that having a body to cuddle with might be worth the risk.

Then again, I wasn't really a vampire, and I planned on living every moment I could.

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