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Wild and Wicked (Razor's Edge)

Author(s): Rayven Renshaw

When an experiment goes wrong separating two scientists sending them into a parallel dimension, Frank appears in a desert city where he meets a man with scales and a forked tongue. Once he survives the initial shock he may just discover it's more fun to go wild and wicked than to try to go home.

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Wild and Wicked (Razor's Edge)
Rayven Renshaw
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Rayven Renshaw

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The scene was like one of those classic jokes where a man walks into a bar, only this time it was more a case of the human wakes up in the nightclub, finds he's already hallucinating, and he hasn't had a drink yet.

Once Frank overcame groaning, he'd managed to push up from the floor, wanting to immediately lie back down. The red and blue pulsing lights were bad enough. The sight of the woman approaching was worse.

Not just a woman. He looked around, and both men and women watched him. If he remembered the legend well enough, Lamia were supposed to be female only, preyed on men, and sucked the blood of children. He'd always thought the myth similar to that of mermaids and, frankly, he could well imagine feeling pissed off enough to be spiteful if he were half human with the bottom half of a fish... or snake.

He wanted to recoil from the advancing creature and looked around seeking help. Everywhere, he met the gaze of other beings the same as the female drawing near. No help there.

Steeling himself for whatever came, Frank faced the serpent. His scientific mind took in her appearance with detachment. Humanoid shape, reptilian skin even over the round curves of her breasts (what there was of them) so that he couldn't see any nipples. Spiny ridges at her hips led down to the coils of her tail, which was also the thing that moved her along. She slid over the floor, the muscles in her lower half bunching and undulating as she went. It was somewhat disgusting, fascinating, and alluring at once.

Frank forced his gaze to her face. Snake eyes in otherwise feminine features, surrounded by flowing auburn tresses. The combination was strangely compelling and might get many a man hot and interested... but not him. He wasn't built that way.

Now if it weren't for the scales, the specimen over there to his left might incite different feelings. Dark hair and equally dark alluring eyes, albeit they had those strange slit pupils. Full lips. Broad shoulders and thick arms folded over a wide expanse of chest. Again, no nipples that he could see. He wasn't sure the scales were something he could get used to, but the musculature looked appealing.

He couldn't make out the whole package because the individual was seated at a table, but if it weren't for the strange epidermis, he'd definitely class the male as handsome. He'd noticed him because the stranger was the only one staring back so intently. Many looked, but not with such open interest. He also had a fantastic body on him. Frank tried not to reflect on thoughts of a tail.

Genitalia? The females didn't seem to have any, and the males all wore a type of loincloth, though he saw no other clothes. Plenty of adornments though -- jewellery of every description often worn through piercings. Maybe it didn't hurt when you were this thick skinned, but he couldn't imagine it even as he wondered if the male he was staring at had any body jewellery other than the loops in his ears.

The sound of hissing drew his attention from the rather-arresting male and back to the woman standing before him. Her lips parted. Her tongue flicked out, tasting the air. Frank was only a little amazed to see it was forked. She said something -- at least he assumed it was some form of speech -- in a language he didn't know, and then changed to halting English.

"Get... ouuuttt hav hereeeeee." The word slid off, but he'd expected a worse pronouncement. "None... your ssssort in my barrrrrr."

His sort? Frank blinked, trying to make sense of so many peculiarities that he didn't know what to think. The weight of an arm fell across his shoulders, turning him to the door.

"Come," a man said. "Before she gets truly angry."

Frank was walking out before he could process what was happening. He let the man lead them down an avenue between buildings.

"Not had any like you popping up for a while."

"Like... me?"

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