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Zombies Don't Know When to Knock (The Don'ts of Zombie Hunting)

Author(s): Ashlynn Monroe

Emily Bradley has saved her sister's skinny ass from zombies. She has survived when almost everyone she knows is dead. Now PFC Jordan Parks, her sister Coralee's apocalyptic squeeze, has led them into a situation filled with chaos and death at Fort McCoy. It's time for Plan B.

Emily finds herself on her own, running from a group of mindless, flesh eating zombies, until two very hot and still very much alive men come to her rescue. Yankee and Thad are just what the doctor ordered. Emily wants to give her rescuers a proper thank you. The men are good with their... manly weapons... and not just while fighting zombies. Emily can't think of a more stress relieving way to show her appreciation than to get naked with her handsome heroes!


Zombies Don't Know When to Knock
Ashlynn Monroe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Ashlynn Monroe

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The crowd stretched down the road in both directions. Hundreds of them waited for her to fall or make a mistake. It would only take a strong yank to bring her tumbling forward into the horror. The fence behind her was too high to climb. From the shaking, though, she knew more monsters waited on the other side.

Em had nowhere to go -- this was the end of the line for her if the Suburban didn't stop to help. In her days on the run, she'd seen how people were. Chaos didn't bring out the best in humans. In fact, it seemed only the worst of humanity had what it took to survive. The people in her group had been the only ones she still trusted.

She prayed Cora made it to safety. Her man, Jordan Parks, was a soldier, and Em knew he'd keep her safe if she made it back to him. He'd tried to take Cora to safety, but she'd run toward Em, determined to save her sister. Cora was brave, foolish, but ridiculously courageous. Em took a deep breath, hoping she had a tenth of her sister's girl-power.

Some of the monsters at the back of the crowd moved toward the Suburban. The noise attracted the ones too far away to become enthralled by the smell of her delectable living body. If the others made it to the river, it would make her death slightly less senseless.

The Suburban stopped. Emily wanted to scream. She knew whoever was in the Suburban -- and it had to be more than one person -- was watching her fighting for her life. She wanted to yell at them and ask them what kind of person stood by to watch people die, but she couldn't risk the distraction. She didn't know why, but the zombies were becoming more agitated. Then the Suburban revived its engine again.

* * *

"Damn, those eyes are blue. She's fuckin' sexy," Yankee muttered. His voice was a mixture of astonishment and lust.

"She's not going to make it much longer if we don't help her," Thad replied.

"How the hell did a woman make it out here alone? If she's only had that shovel for a weapon she must have amazing luck," Yankee observed.

Thad grunted. "She's going to get luckier. The girl is hot. For all we know she's the last chick on Earth. There's no point in fighting over her. Are you willing to share?"

"What if she doesn't want us?" Yankee asked.

Thad chuckled. "I doubt she's going to get any better offers. It's the freakin' apocalypse."

"If we don't hurry this conversation will be pointless. I'm not into necrophilia."

"Agreed. Let's go. Is the rifle reloaded?"

"I'm ready," Yankee replied.

Thad hit the gas and the armored Suburban lurched ahead, straight into the fray. The woman glanced up and an undead male grabbed her ankle. She screamed and tried to kick her captor. He pulled at her, but she held onto the truck with one hand while swinging her shovel with the other.

Terror for the woman blossomed in Thad's chest. "Shoot now!" he yelled.

The burst of gunfire told him Yankee saw the threat too. Gore flew from zombie's temple. He let go of the woman as he fell back. She managed to keep her balance and continue slicing off the reaching hands. Several zombies sank down to devour the corpse's corpse. Thad pumped his foot and revved up the engine. The machine growled twice, and the mindless mob of hungry creatures turned toward him. Only the ones nearest to the woman remained. The rest of the group lumbered toward the vehicle.

"Prepare to die -- again," Thad muttered as he held the accelerator down as close to the floor as it would go and the Suburban lurched forward. Snarling zombies fell, knocked down and sliced, from the force of the sharpened plow.

"Fuck yeah!" Thad hollered. Yankee was still raining bullets over the mass of bodies. Many fell but others just kept on coming. The woman was holding her own. Thad respected her determination. "She's a survivor," he said loudly in Yankee's direction. Her tenacity made her even more appealing.

Thad pulled the Suburban up next to the woman. He could see her face well. She was a natural beauty. This woman was a good find. She could kill a zombie, and she wasn't hard on his eyes.

The woman bit her lip and looked around. He could see her hesitation. "It's all right. I don't bite as hard as those fuckers, I swear."

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 12/31/2013
Publisher: Changeling Press

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