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Changing Swell

Author(s): Marie Laurent

Changing Swell by Marie Laurent
part of the Boys of Summer anthology
erotic M/M contemporary novella
ISBN# 978-1-938257-41-4
Cover Art by Winterheart Design
Release Date 10/18/12

Jason's summer break surf trip with a group of friends turns sour when his girlfriend leaves him the first night. Unshaken, he continues surfing, and falls into the arms of handsome surf instructor Casey. Can he come to terms with this passing man, or will he be left in the shallows?


 Jason swallowed, looking over to his new companion with his shaggy blonde hair and confident face. He was going to get shown up so easily, and he knew it. On his Hawaiian vacation, he'd used a lighter board, and the waves had seemed so much smaller on that trip. In Tofino, it was just cold, even in the summer.

When he got up, Jason fought his cry of elation and tried to focus on his new companion's moves across the waves, trying to learn from the experienced surfer. It was not as cold as he'd expected in the water—the dampness the fog had brought to everything else was irrelevant once he was in the warm salt water.

Imitating Casey started off easy, but he had an eerie feeling that the other guy had noticed and was slowly taking more and more chances. Getting a little tired of the game, Jason swam to the shallows, watching Casey show off.

He shook his head. Casey wasn't showing off for him. He was just surfing and having fun. He'd have to be pretty obsessed with humiliating Jason to bother showing off for him.

Jason yawned. He hadn't swum in months, let alone surfed, and the early morning wasn't being kind to him. His eyes dropped, but he shook his head and then swam back out to join Casey.

Again he began the game of following Casey's moves. Both had grown playful, experimenting with each other. Jason's gaze locked on Casey, and Casey's back to him. Then Jason's gaze began to wander, no longer so focused on the task at hand. He cursed himself for not paying more attention to the water, but a second later found himself looking at Casey's back, then lower, as he dropped into the pit, watching the muscled legs exposed by the partial suit, and everything hidden by the wet suit. He wondered if Island boys looked different than he did, since they did all this surfing and mountain biking instead of avoiding the extreme Alberta weather in its extreme heat or cold, as he did.


He turned and saw Casey's worried face for only a second before falling into the waves. Jason kicked off the bottom, sputtering as he came up. "What happened?" he asked his new friend, who was already next to him.

"Your board started wobbling. Maybe it's just that you got distracted. You weren't looking at the water or anything else really, when I saw you. I guess I didn't get your attention in time."

"No, I was being an idiot. Thanks for trying."

Casey smiled. "I bet your sinuses hurt. Let's go to shore—the sun's coming out. We can have a bit of a rest on the beach before all the tourists come out."

The pair walked along the shore, until Casey lead him up to the logs at the high tide line and grabbed a backpack from behind them. "You have to keep things tucked away, or you don't know who'll take it. Want a sandwich? Soda?"

Jason obliged, and sat on Casey's blanket, downing his soda. The exercise was starting to hit him already.

"Hey, let me help you out of your suit. I doubt it's any easier to take off than it was to get on."

Having forgotten all about the damp cloth surrounding him, Jason looked up with surprise at the man above him and swallowed a gasp.

The wetsuit Casey had worn had concealed his flat, muscled stomach and his smooth chest. With it on, he'd looked average, just barely avoiding a bit of flab. But with that blubber removed, the cut muscles were all too obvious. Jason felt self-conscious of his lack of toning only for a moment, then felt Casey's hand at the back of his neck, firm and strong, holding the zipper, and shivered.

The shaking quelled as Jason peeled off the wetsuit, and tossed it across a rack of logs with Casey's. The sun was hot on him, and the nervous shivers were soon replaced with sweat as he looked at his companion yet again.

The wet shorts he wore did nothing to conceal his ass. Jason was surprised at how pleased he was to see it matched his new friend's body. It was just too bad that Casey was resting on his stomach, Jason thought, then reprimanded himself.

Why did it matter if this random person slept on his stomach?

Suddenly, Casey rolled over.

"You want to go for a walk?"

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Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 10/18/2012
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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