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Civil Bride, The

The Legends of Loving, Texas Anthology

Author(s): Mallory Hall

Kane, Billy, and Lily stretch the boundaries of marriage in a post-Civil War love story.

Kane and Billy, two soldiers desperately searching for peace after the War of Northern Aggression, become lovers, taking comfort in each other after a particularly brutal and bloody battle. Kane upsets their relationship when he decides to purchase a mail-order bride. The bride arrives—refusing to wed, refusing sex, refusing to be civil—and restores Billy and Kane's previous relationship. But the young woman, running from an abusive home, is fascinated when she stumbles across the two men making love. Why, they seem to be enjoying themselves, without hurting each other. Maybe she doesn't know all there is to know about sex.



"I was afraid you wouldn't want me anymore. I bought a bride without thinking about how you'd feel. I bring home a witch who is determined to make our lives miserable, and then use you—" Kane held up a hand to stop Billy's automatic defense. "You and I both know it. Even if you did like it, my motives were in question, not yours. But I've missed you, Billy."

Straight-faced, Billy said, "Aw, shucks."

Kane laughed. "Come on. There's a hayloft waiting for us." He set his boot on the bottom rung before Billy spoke.

"I've missed you, too."

Kane gave him a wry grin over his shoulder. "Prove it," and he pulled himself up the ladder. He was kneeling, waiting, when Billy's head popped up through the floor. Taking hold of his face, he traced circles with his thumbs. "You've always been there for me." And he kissed him, sweetly, softly, on the lips that haunted his dreams.

Without breaking contact, Billy climbed to the floor in front of him and wrapped his arms around him. Tenderly touching his tongue with his own, Billy licked and sucked and tasted. Kane broke the kiss and stood.

"I want to take your clothes off."

Billy climbed to his feet and spread his arms wide as if to say, what are you waiting for? Kane didn't hesitate.

He opened the buttons on Billy's shirt. There were two more on the tucked in shirt tail. He caught Billy's amused expression as he dipped a finger into the front of his pants.

"You're hiding things from me," Kane teased.

Billy grinned as Kane dropped to his knees at his feet. He smiled when he saw the bulge Billy was sporting. Outlining the erection with one hand, Kane slid the other between Billy's legs to cup his ass. He massaged the huge cock straining Billy's pants until Billy flexed his hips to increase the pressure. Kane dropped both hands to unbutton the flap of his pants. Since it was chore day with no roping or riding planned, he wasn't wearing the heavy long johns they usually wore to protect themselves. His cock sprang free. Wrapping both hands around it, Kane kissed, then licked, the glistening head. He laved the length and pushed Billy's pants down a bit more.

Then he opened wide and took the throbbing dick into his mouth. Billy caressed his head and moaned. Kane pulled his head back slowly, swirled his tongue around the smooth head of Billy's prick then sucked the full length deep into his mouth again. Billy's hips pumped slowly as he pulled his dick out of Kane's mouth and pressed slowly back in.

Kane increased the pressure. Stretching his lips over his teeth, he pulled back. Working his tongue around the slick flesh filling his mouth, he cupped Billy's balls and massaged them as he sucked his friend off. He breathed through his nose and worked on bringing Billy to the brink. With Billy moaning and rocking his hips, Kane sucked and licked until Billy clenched. At that moment, Kane slipped a finger into Billy's ass as Billy came in his mouth. After swallowing, Kane eased his mouth off Billy's softening erection and kissed his belly.

"My turn," Billy said bending over to kiss Kane's mouth.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-432-4
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/01/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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