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Gypsy Charm

Author(s): Icy Snow Blackstone

Lisa never intended to get mixed up with gypsies;,but when she saw the old woman being dragged out of the grocery by an irate store manager, it just happened. For her kindness, she’s given a magical gypsy charm—good for one wish—and finds herself the reluctant owner of the gypsies’ abandoned black cat…or is he?
Tomas has appointed himself Lisa’s protector. He’s funny, attentive, and loving, the Perfect Pet. If he were human, he’d be the Perfect Man. And he’s determined to protect Lisa from everything, including predatory boyfriends.
Soon, Lisa’s having dreams of a tall, dark man with the grace of a cat. He seems to think Lisa should know who he is but she knows she’s never seen him before.
Could Lisa’s beloved pet have an agenda all his own?.

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ISBN (Print): 9788208182089
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 07/01/2011

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