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Author(s): Yolanda Sfetsos

Between the problems in her marriage, her writer’s block, and the heat situation inside the basement, Lane Blume is sure she’s going insane. 

When Bill Sorreni goes to Lane’s house for a routine plumbing check, the last thing he expected was to be instantly attracted to her. But her problem isn’t something he can initially help her with, so he suggests she call a priest to take a look.

Can the compassion and understanding from Bill, a man whose faith might be just what she needs to help her out of the hell that her life has become, be strong enough to save Lane?


“What’s wrong with me?” she asked the empty kitchen.

No one answered. No one ever did. Except the voice in her head.

The house was empty, except for her and the sweltering, hot air seeping in through the bottom of the basement door. Even when she kept it closed, the heat leaked out in the form of visible mist.

Today felt like the worst so far. Spring was in full swing, and the combination of scorching air and marital problems was too much for Lane to deal with while trying to fix a broken novel idea. She needed some time off, some sort of mental holiday. Most importantly, she needed to get away from this house.

A place she’d once loved was now starting to feel like a prison.

Knock, knock.

Lane whirled around. Her hands fell to her sides, her heart sped up.

Knock, knock.

The throbbing inside her head intensified. She ignored it to concentrate on the sound coming from the other side of the basement door.

She shuffled forward as a gush of hot air hit her face.

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ISBN (Print): 978161572-1801
ISBN (Electronic): 978161572-1795
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2010
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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