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Damn It to Hell

Author(s): Mike Emmett

Twenty-one tales of terror to keep you awake at night.
Damn It To Hell is the product of more than fortyyears of work. It contains twenty-one tales of terror guaranteed to keep you up at night. Each story comes with a unique twist much like Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone series. If you love horror and science fiction, you'll love this book.


Mister Phillip Mister Halzack, the only pharmacist in the Five Points section of Raleigh, North Carolina was a man of comely countenance that was never highlighted by a frown; warm, engaging and jovial in discourse; long on sentiment and pity for his seriously ill patients who barely had the money to pay for his high-priced prescriptions. He was not sinister like most pharmacists, realizing that AIDS was a disease that served his business well. At a cost of about $15,000.00 per person per year, these antiretroviral drugs—known as HAART drugs—were far too expensive for the majority of people infected with HIV in his market area. For Mister Halzack, most of his customers had insurance and the insurance companies generally paid for most of the cost. If they didn't, then Mister Halzack tried to help, being the son of rich parents whereas his colleagues left it up to their customers to figure out which was more important—living in an apartment versus a homeless shelter. The former usually meant certain death. Most usually chose the latter.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727407
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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