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Bumble Bee

Book 1 in The Metamantic Chronicles Series

Author(s): Russel Kaine

Is it possible for music to be infected with a deadly virus? Roxanne Templeton thinks so. By the time she realizes there's something evil hidden inside the complex architecture of her lover's original compositions it's too late and all hell is about to break loose.


Linda the waitress had come out back to see what was taking him so long. As he turned to face her, she saw the tears rolling down his cheeks.

Ray, whats wrong? Youve been out here for two hours!

Whu what? BZZZZ two hours? Oh, Linda its wonderful BZZZZ! Its magic! Ray said, alight with his new found excitement and twitching every time he made the BZZZZ sound. Linda, wondering why he was doing that and aware of the bees that were starting to swarm out of the hives, began to back away, but Fleck grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her toward the boxes. Linda tried to resist, but in the past two hours, Ray had somehow become very strong. Dont be afraid! Here BZZZZ just stand there n let em talk to ya its amazing!

Ray, youre hurting me! STOP IT! Linda shouted at him, but he didnt flinch. With his new strength, he pushed her down to a kneeling position before the hives. The bees were buzzing more angrily and frantically now and started landing on Linda Dobbins face, neck and chest. She kept trying to wrench herself away, but couldnt. As the bees stung at her, she blasted out a scream that no one else but Ray Fleck heard, then she fell silent in an apparent daze.

After a few minutes, he didnt need to hold her down. She was swaying lightly and humming something, probably an old childhood song, and totally taken over by the same madness that had overcome Ray Fleck. She got to her feet and smiled at him.

You were right, Ray. Its wonderful, she said while nonchalantly chewing at a few bees that had gotten into her mouth.

Over the next three hours, Ray Fleck and Linda Dobbins gathered a few more select Bumble Bee residents and took them to the hives, one by one. They all screamed once.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615723430
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 03/01/2011
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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