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Author(s): Mike Emmett

There hasn't been a story this scary since The Exorcist

All Jack Torrence wanted in 1965 was to be as successful as Steven Duke, the leading horror fiction writer in the world. But how did Duke come up with those bestselling plots? Torrence learns the answer is that Duke conjured the demon Legion and allowed himself to be possessed when he was writing at his cabin in Burlington, Vermont. But Legion is stronger now and Duke is weaker. Soon, the demon will take over the author's mind, body and soul. Torrence, who contacts the author, might be Duke's only chance at salvation. But is there enough time? And how does Torrence end up as America's bestselling author locked away in a mental institution in 1985?



Slowly, ever so slowly, Harry Sargon's eyes started to flutter, then open. But the eyes, they weren't human. They were red with a diamond-shaped black pupil, long and narrow.

Jack’s face got hot. He felt his heart thumping inside his chest. The cop at the hospital room standing guard didn't notice at first. Jack wanted to scream in terror, but he couldn't force the words through his throat. Softly, Sargon spoke in that deep, gravel voice. His eyes were now red glowing orbs with a spot of black in the middle. His neck was covered with blood-stained, yellowish gauze. The man had actually taken a knife given to him by a visitor and sliced open his own neck. As Sargon started to float from the bed vertically into the air, ice began to form on the walls and furniture. It was suddenly dark in that room, too damn dark to see anything but those devil eyes burning bright. The man’s body continued to rise into the air, making crackling, popping sounds as it slowly moved upward. A stench filled the room. It smelled like the inside of a coffin that had been sealed for a hundred years. Sargon began to speak, looking at no one. Jack and the policeman were frozen with fear. Neither had a clue of what was going on. The next voice they heard was not human, but it did speak in English. “He's waiting, writer. Legion is waiting.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724925
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2011
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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