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Duty, Honor, Country

Kill, Capture or Do Nothing

Author(s): Ed Schroeder

The fictional account of the United States most secret Special Operations unit, the “Activity.”

One day training with Norwegian Special Forces in the snow, the next carrying out a mission in the sweltering heat of the Horn of Africa; life is never boring for America’s most secret Special Operations unit. Their current “Black” designation is “Tacit Avenger, operational name Ranger-1; formally known as the Army Intelligence Support Activity, still referred to as the “Activity.”

This unit never makes the news and very little is known about them. The unit is unique in the world of special operations in that they have the ability to generate their own intelligence through electronics means and immediately act on it. This is the fictional account of the real unit of nameless, faceless men who silently and without fanfare keep America safe in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism. Their heroism and bravery only known to themselves, upholding the values of Duty, Honor, Country.

The London Daily Mirror described Ranger-1 as: “Experts in intelligence analysis and agent running, and they are trained at the highest Special Forces level in military tactics. They are the least known and the most fearsome unit in America. This is one of the most secretive units within the American spook and military Special Forces world, and they are at the tip of every operation—public and secret. After being assigned to the mission six months ago, Ranger-1 members were among the ‘Operation Neptune Spear’ squad of Navy commandos who killed bin Laden in his Abbottabad fortress in the early hours of May 1, 2012.”

Maxwell was surprised to have read a description of his unit in the press. The “powers that be” in the intelligence community always went out of their way to protect the unit’s secrecy. Like most of the stories run by the press, the basic facts were correct, but the details had nothing to do with reality.

Ranger-1 did participate in “Operation Neptune Spear”, the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. Ranger-1 team members were in a safe house down the street from the bin Laden compound. They were the ones who determined that the house had no telephone or Internet connections. On mission day, it was Maxwell’s team who determined that “Geronimo” was in the house. They cut the power to the neighborhood, disabled the phone lines, and jammed all cell phone communications while SEAL Team 6 was inbound to carry out the mission. Three days after the successful completion of “Operation Neptune Spear”, the team exfiltrated the Abbottabad area and made their way to a clandestine landing zone, where they were extracted from Pakistan.

While other special operations teams like the Navy SEAL’s and Delta Force regularly made the news; Ranger-1 operates covertly and discreetly. They go in, do their job, and get out quietly. Secrecy is essential to the successful completion of their missions. Most in the military have never heard of Ranger-1 or their classified unit operating designation, “Tacit Avenger”.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615729104
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Genre: Thriller
Date Published: 03/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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