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Eva: A Ghost Story

Author(s): Mike Emmett

Death, for the sake of a soul, is sometimes not forever.

Eva was a playful little girl whose parents owned a small biweekly newspaper in Stratford, Conn. But her parents hated her – they had Eva late in life and had no patience for children. Suddenly, in 2006, Eva is reportedly kidnapped while at the Bridgeport Mall with her parents. Hank and Mary Schulz live in Stamford, Conn., and work in the Big Apple. Mary's a book editor and Hank is an ad exec. Both are tired of the commute and rat race. So they buy The Stratford Times from the Hergraves. But then, the hauntings begin. Mary learns a little girl's ghost inhabits the offices. She digs deep into the story and while being plagued by the spirit, she forges on and finds out a deep, dark secret the Hergraves are keeping. A secret that will nearly cost Mary her life, but solve the mystery of the missing girl, Eva.


Mary Schulz and her husband, Hank, live in Stamford, Conn., and work in the Big Apple. Mary's a book editor for a publishing firm that still accepts manuscripts directly from authors, causing her the burden of screening dozens of books each week. Hank is an advertising executive on Madison Avenue. They've both had it with the daily commute into New York City and the rat race they both are in. John Hergraves and his wife, Edith, are selling their biweekly newspaper The Stratford (Conn.) Times. They had a daughter named Eva when they moved to Connecticut from West Virginia years ago, but she was allegedly kidnapped at the Bridgeport Mall in 2006. They both are afraid the world will end on 12/21/12, so they are building a concrete bunker out of a mine shaft back home in West Virginia. Hank and Mary buy The Times from the couple and things start out on an eerie note. There's a ghost in the building – a playful spirit that disrupts life in the office. The hauntings continue and get progressively more violent. Mary calls in a psychic who tells her it's the ghost of a small child. Mary, who has taken on the role of editor, starts digging into the matter. She discovers – with Mike Masters, the former editor – that John and Edith Hergraves were very abusive parents. She finally gets enough information for a story and confronts them about their missing daughter, whom they had killed in a fit of rage. The Hergraves try to kidnap and kill Mary. Can Hank and Mike Masters rescue her? And what happens when they find the bones of a little girl buried in the newspaper office's basement?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726165
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 03/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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