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Hell Rig

Author(s): JE Gurley

Evil rides the winds of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Lisa Love had always thought of the Vodun Loas as Saints. She was not prepared for the death that stalked the decks of rig #13 as Loas take sides in a battle that could destroy the gateway between life and death.


“Have you ever thought about shadows and light? I have a lot since that day. I think maybe we have it all wrong with our science and technology. Shadows aren’t places where the light doesn’t penetrate, a by-product of the interplay of light on an object. That’s too passive, too mundane. I believe it’s the other way round. Light is just the absence of shadows. There was darkness before there was light wasn’t there, in the Bible, I mean? Have you ever wondered what lived in those shadows? There are shadows in the universe as large as galaxies. Half the universe is dark matter. What do you think it is?” he looked at Jeff expectantly.

Jeff responded. “I haven’t given it much thought. I guess cold gases, matter left over from the Big Bang.”

Waters looked at Jeff and he could swear he saw shadows dancing in Waters’ eyes. “The Big Murder I think, when some other universe died to create this stinking corpse we live in. Maybe dark matter is real and the rest of the universe, the one we live in, is just a projection, a reverse shadow.” Waters grabbed Jeff’s arm and squeezed hard. Jeff tried to pull away but Waters’ grip was intense, unbreakable. “Stay away from the shadows, Towns. They’re alive and they’re hungry.”

With a solid yank, Jeff pulled free and backed away, staring at Waters. He walked quickly back to the main blockhouse, leaving Waters alone. He considered telling tell Ed about Waters but did not want to get the man in trouble. After all that Waters had suffered, anyone would be a little off his rocker. He felt a little sorry for the man and more than a little frightened by him. He glanced up at the crane, and for a split second, thought he saw a dark shadow dangling from the cable. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615723317
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 03/01/2011
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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