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Lazarus Cane

Author(s): Jeremy Kline

Be Anyone
The path of a doppelganger is a simple one – target the victim, isolate them, consume them, become them. This is the creature that Scott Cane has become. He exists as a mythical being – a thing of nightmares.

Scott Cane is our hero. The real nightmare is not some creature of the night. It is those evil vile things that walk amongst us wearing normal faces and living normal lives.
In the lowcountry of South Carolina, a serial killer stalks his prey. Chloroform in hand, he waits in the pine straw, just off the trail, for a cute little brunette to jog helplessly by. Unfortunately for him, the brunette is hoping he will strike.
The pattern repeating itself for decades – target, isolate, consume, become.

But what is Scott Cane? He is not merely a shape-shifter. Nor is he technically a Doppelganger. Using one single drop of blood, he is able to replicate that person – at that exact time. He inherits all of their strengths – and all of their weaknesses. Their memories exist as flashes of words and images – but their carnal instincts remain.
Instincts that are becoming harder to control.

She sighed and collected her thoughts before she continued. “Scott Cane is a soldier. He has a deep-rooted sense of wrong and right. If he did cause that explosion, then he has justified it in his mind. He may think of it as a tactical strike on his enemy. Regardless of what he thinks, he has not harmed anyone in the SIA since. Hunting serial killers has given him purpose, and he has likely saved many lives in the process. Do I think he should be allowed to usurp the law? No, but what I am more concerned with is seepage.”
“Seepage?” Brooks asked.
“Yes, seepage,” she cleared her throat. “No matter how hard he tries to keep himself separate from the people he becomes, the lines will be blurred. Seeing the image of someone’s memory becomes your memory. Seeing those memories over and over, you can begin to memorize them. They become part of you. Cane has lived in the minds of serial killers for more than twenty years. How much of that darkness has seeped into him? How long can he suppress and fight their desires before he has this yearning to cleanse himself? And more importantly, how long before he snaps?”
She took a deep breath, “If he continues on this path, there will come a day when he is able to justify the killing and torture of just about anyone. Do I think he is a threat? Yes, but with the proper care I also think he could be a great asset.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725403
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 12/01/2011
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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