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Author(s): Sean A. Lusher

Time and a half won't cover this…

Nestled among the business district of a Colorado city sits an unsuspecting office building: the headquarters for Apex Tech. For ten years it has seen hundreds of employees come and go, but tonight it is about to see something entirely unprecedented.

As night falls, the building empties and all that's left is a skeleton crew of security guards, janitors, and a few poor souls working overtime. When boring routine quickly morphs into mortal terror, what started out as a regular night becomes a nightmarish struggle for mere survival.

The lights flickered briefly.

Ian turned to stare grimly at the bank of security monitors laid out before him. Each was clear and clean. Each depicted a different view of Apex Tech—the office building he’d been employed to protect overnight. Corridors, offices, elevators, stairwells…all fell under his vigilant gaze. The desk before him, situated beneath the wall of monitors, was immaculate. It was empty save for a single mug of steaming, black coffee and a single paperback novel.

Despite his nigh constant vigilance, Ian relented after six months and admitted to himself that the job got boring. Not once in that six months had anything gone wrong. No break-ins, no injuries. There was only that one, singular incident with one of the former janitors attempting to steal something from a supply room.

That had been in the first month. Even though he’d been tempered by ten years in the Marines, most of that spent over in Iraq and then Afghanistan, former Sergeant Ian Powell knew he needed something to occupy his mind during the long, lonely hours of the night. So, he’d taken up reading.

First, he tried science fiction but found them to be too fantastic and far away for his taste. He’d then switched to fantasy and found much of the same. Next in line was what he realized he should have started with first: military novels. Despite his Marine background, he found such books painful to read. They all lacked description and focused too wholly on protocol and procedure, becoming bogged down with weapons, statistics, and vehicles.

Despite all logic, Ian discovered that romance novels compelled him. At first, he’d been torn between his desire to maintain a professional appearance and his desire to kill time with his newfound love of the romance genre.

This bout of indecision was short-lived, though, as he grimly and silently brought his first book to work and dared any of the night staff to make a comment.

No such comment was made.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615728985
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728978
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 03/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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