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The Bartender Always Dies Last

Author(s): Joshua Caine

Sometime love sucks and sometimes love bytes.

Lifelong smartass, Roger Westhoven, found love in the most unlikely of places…a college bar. As luck would have it, Roger’s neighbor, Lila, just discovered a dark secret festering between the cracks of this tiny college town. A rash of murders darkens Hill, Pennsylvania every seven years and the bartender always dies last. Roger’s new girlfriend just so happens to be the new bartender at Corky’s. According to the timeline of events, the murders are due to begin again in two days. Will Roger and his band of stoner friends get to the root of Hill’s unspoken secret before its too late? What’s the deal with that creepy bookshelf anyway?

“Then, make me understand,” Jerry pleads.

Jerry is in his campfire crouch. His elbows are propped against his knees, and he’s listing back and forth, constantly on the verge of falling over. His overall demeanor is boozy at best, but his heart is in the right place.

Jeanette shakes her head.

“Jeanette, did you by any chance miss taking any medications, today?” I mumble with a cynical smirk.

Jerry leers up at me, again.

I shrug and innocently mouth the word, “What?”

Jerry turns back to Jeanette, who either has not heard me or is just used to the ridicule. Either way, she doesn’t respond.

“Just get rid of it. Push it out into the hallway. Throw it out,” Jerry suggests.

“I—I tried. A few days ago, I paid to have that cabinet hauled away. Today, a mover shows up at my door and tells me he has a delivery for me. I step into the hall, and what do I see? That cursed bookshelf. I tried to refuse delivery, but the mover said he would leave the bookshelf in the hallway if I didn’t take delivery.” Jeanette releases a slow, shuddery breath. “It can’t be thrown away, destroyed, or ignored. Someone else has to take possession…willingly.”

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ISBN (Print): 9781615729609
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Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 06/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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