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The First Two

Author(s): Adrian Mallabo

Stronger than the others, worse than the undead.

Adam awakes to discover that he has been miraculously cured of the dreaded zombie virus. He is the First Subject, born from the experiments of a group known as the Charon Initiative. As the first of a new breed of mankind, Adam must struggle to find a place for himself in this strange new world. All he knows about himself is that he is a good man.

Then a Second Subject is chosen, and this person may prove to be something very different compared to Adam. The question becomes: Did we ever consider the kind of people we are bringing back from the dead?

Something shuffled behind Adam. Wooden chair legs scraped loudly against the concrete floor.

Adam’s hackles rose, and he spun around as terror seized his heart and flooded him with horrifying images and fears. The torch light illuminated a familiar figure, one wearing a skirt and a bloodied blouse. He’d been wrong about the dead woman.

The corpse shuffled towards him with alarming speed, and though she had no eyes with which to see him, there was no doubt that the monster knew exactly where he was.

His scream froze in his throat. He raised his rifle but the undead creature was just too fast.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615729067
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615729050
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 03/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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