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The Messiah of Darkness

Author(s): Bill Taube

God Has A New Enemy

Amidst the Norman invasion of medieval England, a young thief, a suicidal knight, and a princess in waiting must defend mankind from a demon who commands an army of the risen dead. God must rely upon earthly trinity to confront an evil spawned by Her wrath. The course of history is forever changed by the Battle of Hastings where The Messiah of Darkness raises ten thousand slain knights from their graves in its quest to reign over the world.


Whilst the corpses drifted downstream, blood oozed through the water beneath the king as if it knew its final destination. All life touched by the rising current; fish, frogs, and snakes floated on the surface; was destroyed by the scarlet rapids that swept over the bank. The earth parted and created a gorge for the crimson tide that poured toward the horizon. Rocks, trees, and hills erupted from its path. Darkness descended over the river of death.

In the distance, a ring of oblong boulders appeared. A man whose eyes had been cut from his scarred face stood atop one of the immense rocks. The stranger’s long white hair ruffled in the wind. Waves of blood gushed across the slabs giving birth to a whirlpool in the center of Stonehenge.

A chorus of a haunting dirge sounded from below. Cries of unseen beasts bayed in the night. The man lowered both arms toward the swirling sea of red. The chanting and howling became one. The earth parted, and the blood seeped into the abyss.

Silence…Mist swirled from the depths of damnation. A scarlet glow illuminated from below devouring all light from the heavens. Not a star remained above.

A withered hand wriggled from the crevice. Its immense claws dug into the blood soaked earth. Another set of decayed nails tore through the mire.

“Go forth and seek your vengeance!”

Horns appeared through the rising mist. The beast rose from its grave. Panther like teeth extruded from its putrefied lips. Burnt scales covered its caliginous body that towered over the bloodied boulders. Beaming red eyes from the charred face raged at her.

Its voice bellowed like an army of charging knights shouting in unison, “You cannot stop me!”

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291147
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Genre: Historical
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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