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The Trestor

Author(s): Divya Sundaresan

Whisked into a vortex

Fifteen year old Liva and her little brother Ash’s peaceful life is abruptly shattered when their beloved ex-cop Grandpa mysteriously disappears. With the help of their friend Rett, the two slip their way through the clutches of numerous masked men, all desperate to grab them by the throat. But why are they so anxious to kidnap the children? Determined to find their grandfather at any cost, Liva and Ash stumble through the lies and secrets Grandpa has kept from them all these years. And then they find the most shocking secret of all- so dangerous, so powerful, that the universe could split up just fighting over it. Literally, the universe.



I reached for Grandpa’s jacket, which lay slung over the couch, when I realized that it was surprisingly heavy. The knife. I should probably clean it. If Aunt Maggi found out that I’d stabbed someone, she’d freak. I took the knife out of Grandpa’s jacket pocket and headed for the sink. I turned on the bright kitchen light and held the knife under it. Then I stared at it. And stared at it some more.

Because the dried blood that stained the knife’s edge wasn’t red. I’d even seen dried blood become brown, but it wasn’t brown, either.

It was ink-black.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728268
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 12/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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