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The Vampire's Code

Author(s): Brian Young

A Dark Presence Hangs over Europe

John Malcolm and Lieutenant Ledbetter, after six months of training are now part of the Shadow Society of Vampire Hunters. They must undergo their first missions in Europe amidst the Prussian War and uncover earth-shaking conspiracies and awful technologies that will threaten Mankind. With new agents in their team they must find out the meaning behind the Vampire’s Code and the Ares Dispatch that has been circulating in Europe. What they find is more disturbing than what they experienced in Indian Territory and they can’t go back.



“It is true. We know of Didot’s treachery and…well thinking about what happened to us up there last night in the airship. It would seem like she was to blame. She knows Shadow well, inside and out and probably wants to cause us all as much harm as she can. I am not a very articulate man, just a simple soldier really, but I know from what my friend here Mister Malcolm and I experienced in Upiria that these vampires plotted to destroy mankind somehow.”

The room fills with chatter about Ledbetter’s words; many in agreement while others unsure. I join in to support Albert’s claim, “Doctors Weiss and Volhard both spoke to us about this plan of the Moon-King. About how he plotted to bombard our cities but I do not remember what method they were to use. Too much has happened since then for me to recall that fact.”

A dark haired man with a curled moustache and in a red vest over a white shirt stands and interrupts me with a Slavic accent, “They would have no food supply or source for their bodies. Why would they want to do that? It would nullify their own existence.”

Existence. The same word that poor Svíla used to define her lack of a word for not exactly living but not exactly being dead either. The Slavic man makes a good point. This was the same reasoning I had a year ago.

“They surely have other plans to replace us or something otherwise they would not seek to eradicate our kind.” I answer the man and the rest.

A Prussian man in a black suit with a bald head says aloud, “How could they eradicate us? There is nothing that can do such a thing; otherwise our nations would have already tried it on each other.”

The political and racial tensions in this room are thick and the Prussian’s words make them worse since every nation in Europe in recent times tried to either conquer or destroy each other. Napoleon’s legacy is still felt strongly here but mainly negatively by the non-French members present.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728084
Genre: Steampunk
Date Published: 12/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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