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The Witch of Round Mountain

Author(s): Brian Young

The Hunt Ends Tonight at Round Mountain One Way or Another.
There is more to the Civil War than most assume, and the part that the Native American tribes played is often overlooked. Caught in the crossfire of the North and South, the Creek/Seminole and the Mountain Man Monster Hunter Jed Isaacs discover another hidden aspect of the war that no one else notices. As often is the case, the hunted become the hunters and the hunt ends at Round Mountain but for whom? More than just deer, birds and squirrel dwell in the woods surrounding the hill, a presence that is more overlooked than anything else until it hungers.


Jed straps on his belt with bullets and wraps the rifle strap around his right arm, before sheathing his knife and securing his pistols in their holsters. “We need to scare them, not just fire back. How many horses do we have?” inquires the mountain man. Chola-Fiksiko peers into the horde of people and animals in the camp and says, “We have some ponies that are expendable. A few dozen. Why?” Smiling at his newly made friend, Jed strolls over to a standing tuft of dry grass and rips it out of the ground, walks over to the nearest fire and throws it in. The dry grass is consumed rapidly. Chola’s eyes open with understanding of this and looks to Jed with eagerness. “Make those ponies drag some fireballs behind them on the Confederate’s side. Get them safely over the water first, then set it alight. Burn the plains around the enemy and blind them,” advises the wise mountain man. The Creek warrior smiles at Jed for the first time and runs off to the other assembling warriors and chiefs with the idea. Jed joins the warriors running to the edge of the forest by the water’s shore. Around him, hundreds of savage and lethal Creek and Seminole Braves prepare for battle. They hide behind trees and shrubs and prepare their rifles and bows. Jed can see the Confederate army on the far side of the water and several hundred feet away up a hill; they have come together in strict lines of riflemen.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 781615727469
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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