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Waters of Darkness

Author(s): Dave Smith, Joe Bonadonna

Bloody Red Buchanan and Crimson Kate O’Toole sail against the tides of Hell.

1640. The Age of Pirates. Bloody Red Buchanan and Crimson Kate O’Toole sail for eastern seas and the Isle of Shadow, looking for treasure. Their galleons take them into the tides of Hell. More of their crews die than stay alive as they fight the ancient sorcery of an undying priest of Dagon and the sorcerer with efreet who follow his commands. The seas will fill with blood, and Hell will scream with the freshly dead, before these pirates fight their way free of the evils they have loosed.

As more of the demons from the deep crawled from the well, Buchanan and his lads fought a running battle in a desperate attempt to reach the entrance to the temple.

Buchanan met the charge of one fiend, his broadsword beating aside the thing’s glowing sword with savage ferocity. The sweat of fear and exertion stung his eyes as he cut, slashed, parried, and lunged—and sliced open the creature’s belly. The devil exploded into a shower of dark, brackish, and foul-smelling raindrops that swiftly came together again and restored the fiend. The creature’s sword repaired itself with red and yellow heat, and once again Bloody Red was hard-pressed to defend himself.

Still more of the fishmen emerged from the well to attack the men of the Raven.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615729128
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615729111
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 03/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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