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Death and Innocence

Author(s): Dorothy Knight

Suffer the Little Children…

The body of another little girl is found discarded in the bushes. Before her death she was raped multiple times by desperate dying men who want to cure themselves of HIV.

These men paid a lot of money to the evil witchdoctor (nyanga) who made all the arrangements.

Detectives Timothy Sauer and George Hobbs are out to catch these evil nyangas but soon realize they are involved in a spiritual warfare.


“Whose clothes is this?” the white man asked her in perfect TshiVenda.

She kept mum.

“I am a police man from Johannesburg. We have reason to believe that your husband was involved in several killings.”

Sauer put the trousers back in the washing tub and rinsed most of the soap off. It was easy to spot the dark spots at the bottom of the trousers.

“You must tell me whose blood this is. If you don’t, I will also lock you up for murder.”

“Eish…” the woman was dumbfounded.

“How often does he come home with blood on his clothes?”

“Many times. But it is from the cattle that they slaughter for the funerals and weddings.”

“I am sure he slaughters those during the day. Who does he slaughter at night?”

“Eish…” She has heard rumors. But it can’t be true. He is a good provider. He has many cattle.

“We hear that he slaughters little girls at night.”

She shook her head, denying the obvious.

“You know that he is just waiting for the baby girl on your back to get old enough before he kills her.”

The woman shook her head frantically. No. It can’t be true. It is just bad rumors that the people are spreading.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291062
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Genre: Thriller
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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