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Death Rides A Pale Harley

The Four Horsemen, Book 1

Author(s): Donica Covey

Simon “Smash” Smazniski is anxiously headed home for a well earned rest. He’s also desperate to see that pretty little waitress with an angels’ smile.

Tabitha Myers is thrilled to her toes when Simon walks into the restaurant. The man is sexy as sin but completely baffling. He’s never hit on her before—when he finally does she jumps at the chance.

Their first date turns into a nightmare when Tabi dislocates her shoulder. But the nightmares have only just begun when her past comes back to destroy her. Simon’s secret life comes to light offering her safety but is it more than she can survive?



The soft note, the caring tone made her flesh crawl. “Please leave Simon. Please just leave.”

“All right, honey. I’ll be right outside the door.”

No. He would be too close. “Go away,” she pleaded.

“I’ll be right outside,” he repeated.

If he stayed there would be questions. Questions she had no desire to answer. Questions that would turn her world upside. She wasn’t ready for that. “Leave me alone.”

Simon froze near the door. He turned and looked at her. “I’ll take you home then I’ll leave you alone.”

If she weren’t so far away she’d walk to just avoid having to be near him. “Fine,” she ultimately had no choice but to agree.

After he left she allowed the burning tears to fall. She’d always been so careful to conceal herself from prying eyes. She wore long sleeved shirts and high neck collars, even in the blistering heat of a summer’s day, carefully concealing every one of the hundred scars covering her body.

Just because she had foolishly decided to take a chance on Simon, now her secret would be exposed. How would he react to the truth about her life?

That which does not kill us, Baby Girl, her father’s ghost whispered in her mind.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926996-18-9
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 05/02/2011
Publisher: Champagne Books

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