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One Night at the Beach

Author(s): Kate Richards

A rejuvenating moonlit stroll into passion, love and reunion.

After a bad break-up, Andi sets off to find herself, only to come across the one man whose opinions and friendship had mattered most in the past—if only she hadn’t destroyed their relationship from their last meeting.

Sam has waited years for Andi to come back to him. She was his best friend, his love, but he’d never told her how deep his feelings ran, until their paths crossed once again on a moonlit beach. Will the chemistry between them be enough to overcome the reason they parted in the first place?




Excerpt -

“I can stay over, but I probably shouldn’t.”

“We’ve covered could, would, and should. Let’s try one more question. We will call it question two, part b. Andi, will you please stay over tonight at my house? I will make coffee or hot chocolate or popcorn. I have wine. Anything I have is yours. I just want to spend some more time together. I’ve missed you.”


“Samuel, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. And I’ve never slept with anyone but Mark.”


“Andi, you’re making this much more difficult than it should be. Let me put it this way. I am not asking you to have make love with me. If it makes you feel better, I promise I won’t have sex with you tonight even if you beg me to.”


“I won’t beg,” she protested, pulling away from him. “Did you really think I was that desperate that I would beg you to, to...?” Her voice was rising with each word.


Samuel reached for her hand and drew it back into his warm one. “Andi, just come home with me, out of the cold. We can sit in front of the window, watch the full moon on the ocean, and catch up. We’ll sit up all night and talk like we used to, and then maybe go out to breakfast. Okay?”




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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-936394-15-9
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 08/14/2010
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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