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You Belong to Me

Beyond Fairytales

Author(s): Zee Monodee

“...Sins of the father, they say, but in this case, of the mother. The devil always returns for his pound of flesh, and his price is never less than your soul. ...”

Detective Inspector Jemima Chhayya is no damsel in distress but feels like a princess whenever she’s with her Prince Charming, the handsome Andrew Moran. Their romance is a fairytale come true, their happily-ever-after just behind the door.

Until true evil from Andrew’s past tears them apart, and all hope seems lost.

The princess turns into a huntress as she sets out to find her man and bring him back to her side. But is she prepared for the truth she will find along her quest in the seedier areas of London’s East End? Starting with the fact that Andrew Moran has never existed?


Light tried its best to win over darkness. But shadows only scurried aside, they didn’t disappear, and everyone in the back alley on a cold, winter night clung to the brightness of the flames soaring from an old bin filled with paper that gave off an acrid smoke. The glow from the fire joined the paltry radiance of a lamppost nearby to cast the dark away, but they could all see, in the orange glimmer on the brown brick walls, how shadows lurked in the corners, waiting for an opportunity to strike. More than one-and-a-quarter century after Jack The Ripper wreaked havoc with his bloody murders in this dilapidated area of the East End, the inhabitants nevertheless felt the chill of remembrance as to how this place still spelled Whitechapel, den of perdition and danger.

“The light does win, my friends.” The gnomish old man appeared from nowhere. “On this dark, cold night, I have a tale for you.”

The others—men and women alike—converged around him as if entranced by the lyrical quality of his voice.

“You know the Grimm tale of The Nix of the Mill Pond?”

When they all nodded, he smiled.

“But you haven’t heard of the tale of two lovers torn apart when a deal sealed in blood was broken...when the woman who made a pact with the devil came back on her oath and thus dishonoured their contract. The consequences of her actions sent a tidal wave of repercussions to wash away everything she’d held dear thirty-five years after she disappeared. Sins of the father, they say, but in this case, of the mother. The devil always returns for his pound of flesh, and his price is never less than your soul.”

Nicodemus, the storyteller, spread his hands over the fire and started his retelling.

“Once upon a time, a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks made a deal with a wealthy, influential man. She’d give him everything he wanted in exchange for money and a step up into the world of glitz and glamour.

“But things didn’t go the way she planned, and love for her child became her downfall....”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-724-0
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/29/2014
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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