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Divine Savior

Aaron's Kiss Series Book 2

Author(s): Kathi S Barton

The second book in the Aaronís Kiss series finds Colin Larimore being literally run down by his future mate. Mistakenly, he believes that the Fates have played a horrible trick on him to give him a mate that would sell her own children in order to feed a drug habit.
Shade Doe is homeless and is a thief to survive. She doesnít want to be either, but without an address she canít get a job, without a job she canít afford to get an address. Itís an endless cycle. When she befriends two small children and gets deeply entrenched into their troubled lives, she has to use her magic to try and save them.
Through a series of misconceptions and angry words, Colin and Shade come together with their magical abilities and blades to save each other and the children. But will it be enough?

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ISBN (Print): 9781937085483
ISBN (Electronic): 9781937085926
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 07/28/2011
Publisher: World Castle Publishing

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