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Erotic Madness

Author(s): Ana Star

Laura is in a mental institute but that doesnít stop her from having erotic fantasies. She dreams of being with a particular nurse and doctor. When the lines between dream and reality are crossed, will Laura find satisfaction?

Laura sat near a window in the waiting room, caressing herself. None of her little sighs attracted attention from the other patients or the nurses. She continued to pleasure herself and imagined being taken by one of the doctors at the mental institute. Her hand moved to her chest, gently stroking her breast and tweaking her nipple. If only one of the patients were attractive, she might be able to enact her multiple fantasies, but no one seemed to appeal to her. Except maybe Nurse Betty. Laura had many wet dreams about her. She closed her eyes and reminisced about her favorite nurse's voluptuous body.

At the same moment, Nurse Betty entered the room, pushing a plastic cart which held trays and paper cups filled with pills. Laura heard the squeaking wheels of the cart and opened her eyes. She stared at nurse Betty dressed in a white uniform. Her lovely neck was adorned by a silver chain with a clear yellow crystal shaped like a tear.

Laura's eyes stared into the crystal without blinking as if hypnotized. Nurse Betty noticed and smiled. She grasped the shiny jewel.

"You like my topaz crystal, Laura?" She played with her stone for a moment. Then she handed Laura a cup filled with some pills.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61584-597-2
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 02/20/2010

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