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In the Closet

Author(s): Ana Star

Thirteen year old Perina goes to a teen make-out party and falls for Stephanie, a tomboy Latina girl. Read from where it all began . . . in the closet.


Thirteen year old Perina sat on a sofa, hugging a brown pillow close to her chest, and watched her friends paired together as they danced to the loud romantic music. She gazed out, nowhere in particular, feeling invisible to the crowd although she didnt mind. None of the guys appealed to her. A few sat down, invited her for a make out session but she declined them all. Though being ignored by her peers didn't bother her, she couldn't help but feel alone in a world of partnerships. Why do I even bother coming to these parties? she thought, feeling like an outsider. A movement on the couch distracted her and a voice said, Hey, Perina.

Perina looked up and smiled. Hi, Stephanie. She twirled a lock of blonde hair around her finger.

Stephanie chewed on her nails and asked, Youre not dancing?

No, you?

Nah, all the guys are ugly. She chuckled nervously.

Yeah, I think so too.

Perina felt Stephanies deep, brown eyes watching her. She blushed, clutched the pillow tighter and stared out, trying to look unaffected by Stephanies attention.

You wanna see something cool? Stephanie asked. She stood up and held out her hand.

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