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Sex Slave

Author(s): Ana Star

Being a sex slave is something I dreamed of for such a long time. My dream is about to come true and I can’t wait to experience the best sex ever. Care to watch?


I walked a few steps in an unknown room, my hands tied behind my back and my eyes covered by a thick, cotton scarf. The marble floor instantly froze the soles of my bare feet but I kept walking because someone was pulling gently at the chain tied to my neck. The soft silk fabric of my nightgown stuck to my skin due to the sweat of the hot evening.

The person in front of me said, “Stop.”

I obeyed. With butterflies in my stomach, I waited and anticipated what was about to happen next. After all, I purchased this session from a classy website I found on the net. So far it was just like I imagined and even better than I thought.


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Genre: Erotic
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