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Watch Me Sleep

Dwellers of the Night #1

Author(s): Ana Star

Before I met him, life was bland, platonic and quite boring. As a nurse, I didnít have much time for anything else.

On a cold night, he rescued me from a male attacker. My life was changed forever by this mysterious vampire.

Every night, he sits on that old yellow brown chair right by the window and watches me sleep. On our one year anniversary, I planned something special .. something to die for...

Will he accept my mortal gift?

I open my eyes in the middle of the night, knowing already what Iím about to see. Heís sitting there, quietly watching me sleep. Every night, he sits on that old, brown chair right by the window. He entwines his long fingers together and places them under his chin. I blink my eyes but heís not a hallucination, heís really there. I smile, happy of his nocturnal visit. He is my guardian, my savior, and my soulmate.

I stare into his hypnotizing, green eyes. The cool breeze passing through my bedroom makes his long, straight, cherry color hair sway on each side of his face. His calm demeanor tells me heís fed already. I can see his white skin has gained a bit of a lively color. Heís settled here for the night until dawn. Heís gone before I wake up for work, until the following night when Iím asleep once again.

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Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/19/2010

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