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A Case Of Love

Author(s): Wendy Stone

Mackenzie Hunter was a small feisty woman with the will and
drive, to do something her family wasn’t happy about.
Gideon Hawkins was a narcotics cop with a chip on his shoulder and the
attitude to keep it there.
What happens when Mackenzie goes undercover to find out information on
the biggest Narc operation in the city? Will Hawk be able to save Mac
when a serial arsonist decides he’s her biggest fan? Will this become
a murder case, or will it be their own, Case of Love?
The streets were surprisingly quiet for a Friday night.
Mackenzie Hunter yanked again on the skirt of the short dress she
wore, cursing under her breath. It hadn't been her idea to be out here
this late at night, especially not dressed the way she was. Damn
Selena Jenkins and her stupid ideas to hell.
So yeah, truthfully, she could have said no. She could have gone about
getting the story her own way and be doing it in her comfortable jeans
and tennis shoes. She could have snuck through into the alley behind
the huge warehouse, and climbed up on the dumpster like a good
reporter should.
But no-o-o-o. She had to listen to the paper's big mouthed advice
columnist. Yanking down her skirt once more and balancing precariously
on the sky high skinny heels she wore on her tortured feet.  She
reached into the purse she carried, feeling the wires she'd pulled out
of her car engine and then the tape recorder. Hitting the buttons, she
set it to voice activation by feel and then reached out and knocked on
the big door in the front of the warehouse.
Kenzie heard the sound of male voices inside, then footsteps heading
toward the doorway. She shook her head quickly, making her short black
curls dance around her heart shaped face. Her hand slid down past her
waist, to rest on her hip, in a typical come hither type stance.

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Suspense
Date Published:
Publisher: Eternal Press

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