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Appleton's Run

Author(s): Bruce Cooke

A sweet revenge for murder and theft.

When Nicholas Appleton escapes a murder plot he is determined to get his father's run back. Now he has to evade an assassin and make a fortune in gold. How can he reach the deadline, find the girl he loves and extract revenge on the men who want to kill him? This is a roaring tale of the gold fields, murder and romance.


It was only one hundred yards to the banks of the Murray, but it looked two miles to Nicholas as his feet pounded across the dry grass. He heard a shot as a ball went whistling past his ear, but he kept his head down and his legs going as fast as they could carry him. Jed and Seth mounted their horses and rode after him, cursing the fading light. They began to overtake him at a tremendous rate when Nicholas finally made the tree line, only twenty yards ahead. The dense spindly gums forced the men to dismount and continue the pursuit on foot, yelling abuse as they drew close. Jed was only five yards behind, when Nicholas reached the bank, which was some ten feet above the water line. Without faltering, he dived headlong into the river and was quickly swept out into the middle of the swift flowing stream.Where is he? called Seth as he came up behind Jed.In the bloody river, over there. He pointed at the rapidly vanishing figure being carried away by the current. They watched as Nicholas struggled to stay afloat and then saw him put his hand up and disappear below the surface.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615721993
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 09/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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