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Awakenings: Cozumel, Mexico

Author(s): M. Casigh

Mysti didn't have a clue what her life had been missing when an escape to Mexico took her to Cozumel. She learned things about herself that amazed her. She learned to do things with her body and have things done to her body that she had never known existed and that caused her such unimaginable, piercing pleasure. Her sexuality and sensuality are truly set free.



Denise ushered him in and then made a bee line for the bathroom where I heard the shower start up. 

Daniel was in the process of thanking me for the hospitality when Denise stepped from the bathroom, completely tanned, gorgeous and naked. She announced, “Daniel, Mysti & I thought that we should help you clean yourself. You are such a dirty young man.”

I chimed in, “So dirty you are.”

He asked, “If I am so dirty as you say, what does that make you both?”


“Benevolently naughty,” I said. The word ‘benevolent’ was lost on him, but he understood ‘naughty’. With that, I pulled his shirt over his head as he raised his arms in assistance and surrender. As Denise walked across the room to join me in the stripping of Daniel, I realized that the blinds for the sliding glass doors to the beach were all still open, and that it was still broad daylight out there. Who cares, leave them be. You are not a prude anymore. In fact, make sure the bathroom blinds are open, too.

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Publisher: Eternal Press

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