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De Narvaez

Author(s): Martin Delacroix

You canít go home again. Or can you?

After an eighteen year absence, Dallas Tench, a thirty-six year old gay man, returns to his Florida hometown of De Narvaez, population ten thousand, to oversee administration of his late father's estate. When Dallas encounters his former high school friend and lover, DeWayne Hobgood, the two men renew their relationship. Dallas is smitten, DeWayne is too, but there's a problem: DeWayne's married to a woman named Taylor. And DeWayne has two teenage children from a prior marriage. Will Dallas settle for a part-time, hidden relationship with DeWayne in De Narvaez ? Or will DeWayne leave Taylor and follow Dallas back to San Francisco.


How many people lived in De Narvaez when I grew up? Five or six thousand? Am I the only person who left town after high school? What kept the rest of them here?

I sip from my beer and think: What am I supposed to say when I meet people from my past? Folks like Bambi McNatt? When they ask questions about kids and marriage and jobs, what shall I say? Do I tell them Iím an incurable faggot? That Iíve had sex with over a hundred men since I left here? That I carry HIV in my blood? That a man I lived with for a decade, who I loved deeply -- a kind and talented man -- is dead from AIDS four years now? Do I tell them I eat a half-dozen pills each day to control my viral load and maintain my energy level? That I support myself with federal disability checks? That I make extra money tutoring high school students in trigonometry and calculus? That I donít report the tutoring money to I. R. S.?

I canít say these things. They donít want to hear such stuff, do they?

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