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Death at Red Creek

Author(s): Carol Shenold

Seth Parker was a manís man who liked to keep out of other's business.A man who knows his weapons well including his large bowie knife tucked away in the top of his right boot.Seth is a traveler of the lonely trail in search for his missing wife,† taken from him over two years ago.If Seth finds the men who took her, God help them as he will send them to their maker.†

However, one day he decided to violate this rule and ride to the sound of gunfire.During this adventure he encounters a gang of renegades mixed with Indians and white men who are bent on killing a beautiful young woman who has unwittingly placed herself in danger.


Seth Parker is a man's man . . . one who likes to keep out of other folks' business. He's a man who knows his weapons, including the bowie knife tucked away in the top of his right boot. A traveler on a lonely, desolate trail, he's been searching for his wife for two years. God help the men who kidnapped her. Drawn to the sound of distant gunfire, he encounters renegades bent on killing a young, beautiful woman who unwittingly placed herself in danger. Now his life has taken a new turn . . . a dangerous, tumultuous one.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9804263-0-4
Genre: Western
Date Published: 10/07/2007
Publisher: Eternal Press

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